When your fear is my opportunity

 I’m not saying the people around me here at Black Hat are malicious, or that the threats aren’t real. I’m saying that the industry, and everyone it, is strongly incentivized to make its customers and the wider world as frightened as possible, and people tend to follow the path of most incentivization, consciously or not, reluctantly or not. The security industry is the… Read More

It looks like Amazon would be losing a lot of money if not for AWS

 Amazon reported its second-quarter earnings today, and it was a bit of a whiff — and a bummer for Jeff Bezos, who is now no longer the solar system’s richest human and has been relegated to the unfortunate position of second-richest human. Read More

High Times weed magazine goes public but ditches IPO

 IPO? How about HighPO? The 43-year-old marijuana media brand High Times has found a shortcut to going public: It sold itself to an already-public shell company, of which High Times share holders then got an 83% stake.
After private equity firm Oreva Capital bought a controlling stake in the publisher last month, they went and sold High Times to an already-public special purpose acquisition… Read More

Jeff Bezos’ brief stint as world’s richest human ends with Amazon’s second quarter whiff

 Amazon reported its earnings today, wherein a whiff in earnings sent the stock down around 3% and brought CEO Jeff Bezos back to reality as the, once again, second richest human in the known Solar System. In all seriousness though, this is a big quarter for Amazon as it looks to close out its $13.7 billion bid for Whole Foods. The company appears to once again be squeezing out a very small… Read More

Intel beats earnings expectations as it manages to maintain growth in its Data Center Group

 Intel declared $14.8 billion in revenue this afternoon and earnings per share of 72 cents. This represents a solid beat as analysts had expected revenues of $14.41 billion and EPS of 68 cents. The company’s  stock finished up 22 cents and 0.63 percent to $34.97 per share in regular trading. In the moments after the company released its earnings, Intel’s stock shot up 3.43 percent.… Read More

Someone made the “Take On Me” music video come to life with AR and it’s glorious

 Pack it on up, everyone — someone just won ARKit.
We’ve seen loooots of fun stuff made with ARKit already, but this one… this one is something special.
Back in 1984, A-Ha released “Take On Me” — a painfully catchy song that would go on to be covered by every band until the end of time (sometimes, I’d argue, better than the original)
They released an… Read More

The AR thirst is real, please @ me

 Game developer Chip Sineni of TRIXI studios created this clever AR experiment based on A-Ha’s seminal video for Take On Me. It is pretty fun. I have been talking to a lot of people about AR over the past few months and there is a definable excitement around it. I’m bullish as hell about AR, which I’ve covered before. I even wrote in 2013 about when and why this was coming… Read More

Timekettle’s WT2 real-time translation earpieces enable ordinary conversation across language barriers

At TechCrunch’s event in Shenzhen last month, we had a chance to test out the WT2, a clever and ambitious device from startup TimeKettle. It’s a pair of wireless earpieces; each person in a multilingual conversation wears one, and they translate what’s said into the language spoken by each participant. Essentially it’s a Babel fish, though admittedly a rough draft of one. Read More