How Warner Bros. Cast Its Spell On Abu Dhabi

In a bid to compensate for its depleting oil reserves Abu Dhabi’s government is diversifying its revenue and banking on theme parks to cast this spell.

AT&T’s Housecleaning Suggest Online Video’s Future Less Interesting Than Its Immediate Past

AT&T’s new WarnerMedia unit has closed several smaller video units while announcing a big new streaming service and a beefed-up HBO. But will yet another late-to-arrive general subscription service provide anything that many customers may want compared to the quirky services that are now gone?

Instead Of Tesla, Saudi Arabia Should Invest In Battery Tech

There are rumors that Saudi Arabia’s PIF is planning a major investment in Tesla. It shouldn’t and here’s what Saudi Arabia should do instead.

Ookla Data Shows Unsurprisingly That Qualcomm-Based Smartphone Wireless Faster Than Apple iPhone’s

Qualcomm issued some Ookla Speedtest data today that should surprise absolutely no one who understands modem and carrier network technology. Here are my thoughts.

Why Everybody Wants To Be LikeNetflix

Television networks across Europe are forming alliances even between lifelong rivals, in a bid to create online platforms to match Netflix and AmazonPrime. HBO is also trying to be more like Netflix. But becoming Netflix is not easy: requires a new mentality and a powerful digital transformation.

Shari Redstone And The Living Legacy Of Her Father’s Media Empire

The future leadership falls to Sumner Redstone’s daughter, Shari, with whom he has had on again, off again squabbles through the years.

Justice Kennedy’s Replacement Could Help Gut Or Narrow Carbon Rules

Justice Kennedy’s replacement on the High Court will assuredly have a more conservative view of environmental law than he has. Given that Kennedy was often the deciding vote on such matters, those leanings could serve to toss out or to sharply narrow CO2 rules.

The Government’s Loss In AT&T-Time Warner Was A Waste of Taxpayer Resources

According to Judge Leon’s opinion, “tens of millions of dollars” were spent on the AT&T-Time Warner case, including a staggering 32 Department of Justice lawyers. And yet the Antitrust Division suffered its first loss in court since 2004. Here’s how to reduce the chances that ever happens again.