Why Everybody Wants To Be LikeNetflix

Television networks across Europe are forming alliances even between lifelong rivals, in a bid to create online platforms to match Netflix and AmazonPrime. HBO is also trying to be more like Netflix. But becoming Netflix is not easy: requires a new mentality and a powerful digital transformation.

The Week Ahead: Can Stocks Rally Through The Earnings Season?

The stock market put in an impressive close last week which has turned the short term A/D indicators positive. Does this mean that stocks can stay strong through earning’s season or are some too bullish on the market leader’s earnings?

Wild West Days Are Over For Tech Giants

People are so hyper-focused on pontificating about trade theory, they’re missing the policy execution that is busting the monopoly-threats in Silicon Valley…

The Government’s Loss In AT&T-Time Warner Was A Waste of Taxpayer Resources

According to Judge Leon’s opinion, “tens of millions of dollars” were spent on the AT&T-Time Warner case, including a staggering 32 Department of Justice lawyers. And yet the Antitrust Division suffered its first loss in court since 2004. Here’s how to reduce the chances that ever happens again.

Pity The Poor Investors Who Trust Wall Street Research

It’s no secret that Wall Street research is conflicted due to the hundreds of millions of dollars it earns from underwriting debt and stock offerings.

Box Office: Eugenio Derbez’s ‘Overboard’ Opens To $15M, Charlize Theron’s ‘Tully’ Struggles

The new Ruth Bader Gunsberg documentary debuted with a halfway decent $525,000 in 34 theaters.

TV Needs To Be Good, Not Just Well-Targeted, And It’s Time The Digital Invaders Learned That Lesson

Silicon Valley’s new entrants in the TV space are forgetting that shows have to be good for people to watch them. and an overreliance on data is the culprit.