Box Office: ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Falls Just 4% For $7M Friday

In a twist worthy of Shyamalan, ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ is holding as well as ‘The Sixth Sense’ in its second weekend.

Friday Box Office: ‘Spy Who Dumped Me,’ ‘Darkest Minds, ‘Death Of A Nation’ All Stumble

Dinesh D’Souza’s latest “documentary” underwhelmed despite a 1,105-screen wide release.

Walmart Is Getting Re-energized To Take On Netflix

Walmart has made tentative moves into the video rental/streaming video space over the years. A new report suggests that the retail giant is considering another shot at the business with a subscription service that will allow members to view movies and television shows at a price below $8 a month.

Do Not Let Netflix’s ‘How It Ends’ Steal Two Hours Of Your Life

Netflix may recommend How It Ends to you if you like sci-fi, but don’t believe them. It’s an utter waste of time.

Why Everybody Wants To Be LikeNetflix

Television networks across Europe are forming alliances even between lifelong rivals, in a bid to create online platforms to match Netflix and AmazonPrime. HBO is also trying to be more like Netflix. But becoming Netflix is not easy: requires a new mentality and a powerful digital transformation.

The Week Ahead: Can Stocks Rally Through The Earnings Season?

The stock market put in an impressive close last week which has turned the short term A/D indicators positive. Does this mean that stocks can stay strong through earning’s season or are some too bullish on the market leader’s earnings?

Wild West Days Are Over For Tech Giants

People are so hyper-focused on pontificating about trade theory, they’re missing the policy execution that is busting the monopoly-threats in Silicon Valley…