Is Voice-Based Customer Experience (VUX) The Customer Service Future via Alexa, Google Duplex, Bots?

Voice-based customer service (Alexa, Siri, Google Duplex and Google Assistant, auditory chatbots): Is this the future of customer service, customer support, and the overall customer experience? Certainly some big technology and consumer players think it’s the coming wave.

Why Kohl’s And Other Successful Retailers Have Gone Back To The Basics

Oliver Chen, Managing Director and Senior Equity Analyst covering retail and luxury goods at Cowen Inc. shares his perspective on where he sees the retail industry heading and key things retailers and brands should be thinking about as we close out 2018 and look ahead.

Prepare To Invest In The Second Machine Age

Corporate earnings are set to rise more than 20%. Productivity gains in excess of 5% of global GDP are possible. And $650 billion of new industrial spending is likely.

Can Blockchains Disrupt The E-Book Market? Two Startups Will Find Out.

Two startups are using blockchain technology to sell e-books that they claim users will actually own instead of merely license from retailers. The question is, will anyone care?

Disruption, Dividends And Value Down On The Corner At CVS

Amazon may upend the prescription drug business, and as clicks replace bricks, existing chains will feel the pinch. The stock market certainly reflects this dire scenario, but value-minded investors with an appreciation for income can find a lot to like about CVS at recent prices.

Apple Is The New Exxon: Data Is The New Oil And The Path To The First $10 Trillion Company

The march to a $1 trillion market cap took 20 years from the previous record of $100 billion that GE was the first to capture in 1995; and it was 40 years earlier that GM was first to the $10 billion mark. Odds are it’ll be just 10 years before $10 trillion is breached. Will it be Amazon?

As Stocks Return to All-Time Highs, the Federal Reserve Narrative Crashes

If the Fed had any kind of ability to prop up stocks, the immense harm to markets that the latter presumes would show up in equity indices faster than it took you to read this sentence.

Four Things Retailers Should Learn From Apple As It Nears $1 Trillion Market Cap

As Apple stock jumped to another record high Wednesday, bringing its market cap ever closer to the $1 trillion market cap, there’s a lot retailers can learn from its results.