Forget Instagram, Amazon Is The Influencer Platform Of The Future

Instagram may be the hot destination for influencer marketers, but don’t overlook Amazon, which has its own influencer program, the Twitch live-streaming platform, direct ties to a vast e-commerce engine and much else that brands need to consider.

Top Value Manager Buys Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google And Spotify

Often, the best time to buy stocks is when there is a whiff of panic in the air. One of my best value managers, bought Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google and Spotify in November. He is up over 17% so far this year. Here’s what he expects of the market for the rest of 2019.

Where Is Global E-Commerce Going? Here Are Five Takeaways From The Experts

The global retail world is shifting rapidly and ecommerce is driving this changes. Here are the five major trends in global ecommerce today.

My Top Tech Manager Buys Amazon For The First Time

If you have never owned Amazon, now may be the time. Tony Mitchell, my top tech manager, bought Amazon for the first time after embarrassing news about CEO Jeff Bezos made headlines and a deal with New York politicians broke down. Here’s why he pulled the trigger.

How To Short NYC Real Estate After Amazon’s Shock Decision To Abandon Its HQ2 In Queens

This transaction is a terrible sign for the future of the City. If self-styled progressives like de Blasio and Cuomo can’t control the wild dogs on the left wing of their party, I feel that nothing that benefits economic growth is going to get done.

Is Jeff Bezos Worth $131.4B? If Not, Should You Bet He Can Earn Back MacKenzie’s $66B?

If Amazon can double its revenue growth from its current 14%, its stock could more than double an get Bezos back to the top of the rich list — with $131 billion — after his divorce is settled.

Analysis: After Surpassing Apple In 2018, Huawei Vies For Smartphone Supremacy In 2019

It’s official, we’ve reached peak smartphone in 2017 as markets including the U.S., Europe, and China—the world’s biggest market for smartphone sales—hit saturation.

Alphabet ‘In The Soup’ Over Costs, But Analysts’ Average Google Price Target $1,346

With Alphabet Inc., parent Google, posting strong revenue growth in its fourth quarter earnings despite running costs and capital investment higher than thought, the stock is up around 17% since late last December. Most analysts rate it a Buy, with an average price target of $1,346.