Cyber Monday: New Ars mugs, shirts, and hoodies—and they’re all on sale!

Loyal readers, you have asked for more merch… with Ars logos… and, err, Moonsharks!

Just in time for Cyber Monday, our creative director, Aurich Lawson, has delivered the latest in the Ars line of “fashion-forward” accessories that are taking Silicon Valley by storm. Want to sport your stuff in a full-zip Ars hoodie? Down your coffee in an Ars-branded mug? Wear an Arsified shark on your chest? Now you can—and at a discount.

While the new designs are here to stay, today only: all Ars merchandise is two dollars off its regular price. Pick up a handsome mug for just $11 (small) or $14 (large) or outfit the whole family in Ars T-shirts for $18 each. It’s a holiday miracle!

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Caffeinate in style with an Ars Technica mug—now cheaper than ever

Could there be a holiday gift better for the geek in your life than an Ars Technica “nuke it from orbit” mug? Probably! But you’d better buy one anyway—it’s the only way to be sure. (Also, the mugs are less expensive than ever.)

Designed by our own Aurich Lawson, our mugs come direct from the Ars Technica Orbiting HQ to your kitchen cupboard, feature spiffy front and back designs, and are dishwasher and microwave safe. You can also get them 11oz and 15oz sizes. Originally $15 or $17, we’ve been able to cut prices back to $13 and $16, respectively. As always, the mugs ship anywhere in the world.

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Want hot new Ars merch for Christmas? Order today

We’ve re-launched our Ars Technica merch store just in time for the holidays, and the response has been great—”Nuke it from orbit” mugs and Ars hyperspace logo T-shirts are flying off the virtual shelves.

If you’re pondering an order and want to make sure it arrives by Christmas, order today to avoid disappointment. Between the time needed to print the shirts and the time needed to ship them, December 11 is the final day to place most orders for Christmas delivery. Here are the shipping options that will still get your merch to you by December 25:

USPS Priority Mail: Dec 11
FedEx 2 Day: Dec 11
FedEx International Priority: Dec 11
FedEx Standard Overnight: Dec 12

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The triumphant return of Ars Technica mugs, T-shirts

Every geek needs two things to start the morning off right: a quality coffee mug and a fresh T-shirt. Fortunately, Ars Technica now sells both, so you can leap from your bed to confront the forces of file corruption, homeopathy, and state-sponsored malware in style with some sharp Ars Technica merch!

Long ago, when the Ars staff collectively had more hair, fewer graduate degrees, and no children, we first offered merch in the form of shirts, hoodies, and the infamous Ars sumo. Running the merch store then was a thankless job because it meant filling one’s garage with boxes of tiny foam wrestlers and XXL hoodies, along with making endless runs to the post office. As we expanded into the interstellar media empire that you know and love today, the leftover boxes of merch were quietly shot into the sun.

But we’ve always had a soft spot in our hearts for Ars logo shirts—and everyone needs a mug. So when Creative Director Aurich Lawson began batting around a few design ideas, the staff got excited. We hope you will, too.

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