Why the US rejection of China’s market economy status is wrong

The US is throwing cold water on the growing geniality of trade relations between itself and China with its rebuke of the latter’s bid for recognition as a market economy in the WTO.

China’s commitment to globalization, innovation propel creation of better world

China’s unswerving backing for globalization and innovation will spur the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind and the creation of a better world.

China’s foreign trade up 12.6% in November

China’s exports increased 10.3 percent while imports surged 15.6 percent in November, beating market expectations, official data showed Friday.

China, Canada finish feasibility study on free trade agreement

China and Canada have “basically finished a feasibility study on a free trade agreement,” after more than a year of effort, a Ministry of Commerce spokesperson said Thursday.

China says US rejection of market economy status overrides intl laws

China said Thursday that the United States had put its own standards above international law by opposing the granting of market economy status to China in the World Trade Organization (WTO).

China concerned about new EU anti-dumping methodology

China said Thursday it is concerned about the European Union’s new anti-dumping methodology, calling on the bloc to avoid abusing trade remedies.

China submits case against US to WTO

China has submitted a case to the World Trade Organization seeking fair treatment, after the United States rejected the nation’s demand to be treated as a market economy under global trading rules, the Ministry of Commerce announced on Thursday.

Nation takes steps to further boost startups

China will continue to promote entrepreneurship and innovation by creating a favorable environment for startups, offering fiscal support and strengthening international cooperation, a government official said.