Arctic gas to ease winter shortage

China’s annual imports from the Yamal natural gas project in the resource-rich Arctic region will further secure China’s energy security with increasing supplies of the natural gas, which is currently experiencing a severe shortage especially in northern China, said an executive from China National Petroleum Corp.

China leads in shipbuilding

Orders for China’s rebounding shipbuilding industry reached the top place in the world in the past 11 months, surpassing its counterpart South Korea, according to an international industrial analysis agency.

China to achieve coal capacity cut target next year

China is likely to achieve its goal of reducing coal capacity by 500 million metric tons well ahead of the planned three to five years target, according to a top industry official.

Hainan Airlines: More direct flights to Belt and Road countries

Hainan Airlines, China’s largest private airline, said it plans to launch more direct flights to the countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.

Shanghai opens world’s largest unmanned container terminal

The fourth phase of the Yangshan Deep-Water Port, the world’s largest unmanned container terminal, has been officially put into operation Sunday.

Bike-sharing investors talk major merger

Whether China’s largest bike-sharing start-ups, Mobike and Ofo, will merge drew more attention in the second half of the year, with investors implying “yes” while managers said “no”.

First Air China flight from Beijing to Brisbane lands safely

The first Air China flight from Beijing to Brisbane has landed safely on Monday afternoon, with the new route set to be a huge boon for the Australian State of Queensland.

Clean energy to exceed coal in China’s power generation

Clean energy, including nuclear power and renewable energy, is expected to exceed coal in China’s electricity generating capacity in about ten years, a senior official has said.