Wells Fargo will let you use Apple Pay and Android Pay to withdraw money

 Wells Fargo just announced that you’ll be able to use your phone or smartwatch to withdraw money from 13,000 ATMs in the U.S. As spotted by MacRumors, the bank says that it will support Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. Five thousand ATMs should already support those NFC payment systems, others will follow suit. TechCrunch first reported that Bank of America and Wells Fargo were… Read More

Young investors take a shine to online products

The online wealth management products are growing in appeal for younger retail investors, filling a gap in financial services created by the inadequacy of traditional banks and stock markets in certain respects, experts said.

March developments make gold tricky for rest of year

Janet Yellen’s soothing words on the pace of US interest rate hikes were a day late for hedge funds losing faith in the metal.

MNCs eye massive chances in China’s logistics

Multinational giants – including FedEx, KKR and WPP – are eyeing enormous new business opportunities in China as the middle income population of the world’s second biggest economy surpasses 600 million, 700 million in the foreseeable future.

Rules now tighter for mortgages in Beijing

China’s central bank launched a set of tightened mortgage rules on Friday, the government’s latest effort to curb speculative home-buying in Beijing and cool down the red-hot real estate market.

Financial regulators vow innovation, coordination to prevent systemic risks

China’s top financial regulators vowed on Friday to continue pushing reform and innovation and preventing financial risks amid concerns that rising asset prices and high debt levels could cause troubles.

Alteryx rises 11% in data analytics IPO

 Alteryx, the data analytics company, went public on the New York Stock Exchange today, marking the third IPO of the year. The company priced its IPO yesterday at $14 per share, and closed Friday at $15.50, or 10.7% higher. Alteryx works with clients like Amazon, Ford and Coca-Cola to help them better assess what products are selling and where there are market inefficiencies. CEO Dean… Read More

What do you want to ask SoFi CEO Mike Cagney at Disrupt NY?

 Have you ever wanted to know what makes a fintech startup tick, but didn’t have the chance, or the right person, to ask? Well, we’ve got you covered: Mike Cagney, the co-founder and CEO of one of the hottest fintech busineses around, is coming to Disrupt in New York for a fireside chat, and we want to hear what you’d like to know. More on that below. But first, allow me to… Read More