3D Sensing Tablet, EyesMap, Aims To Replace Multiple Surveyor Tools

EyesMap tablet Spanish startup E-Capture R&D is building a tablet with 3D sensing capabilities that’s aiming to target the enterprise space as a portable tool for surveyors, civil engineers, architects and the like — replacing a slew of standalone instruments. Read More

Webydo Bags $7M To Turn More Designs Into Hosted Websites

Webydo Webydo, a software as a service startup that gives web designers the tools to circumvent a more traditional website creation process by excising the need for them to do any manual coding by automatically converting their design into a hosted HTML5 website, has closed a $7 million Series B funding round. The round was led by equity-based crowdfunding VC platform OurCrowd, along… Read More

TechStars London Demo Day 2014: Meet The 11 Startups (And Our Picks)

Today in an old music hall turned art house movie theatre in the East End of London, TechStars presented its London DemoDay, three months after the group was announced. The startups presenting ran the gamut from B2B to consumer, education to e-commerce and social networking. Only three of the companies presenting were from the UK, with the rest coming from Europe, U.S. and Asia. This is… Read More

Greater Unemployment Benefits Can Reduce the Suicide Rate

A new study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology finds that greater unemployment benefits can decrease the rate of suicides.

The research team, led by Jon Cylus at the London School of Economics, acknowledged that suicide was caused by a variety of factors, but determined that income loss and loneliness predicated by unemployment were key.

The 2008 financial crisis suggested a correlation between suicides and the availability of employment — with the suicide rate in North America and Europe increasing by an estimated 10,000 people per year from 2007 to 2010, compared with prior years. When Cylus and his team examined the allocation of unemployment benefits from 1968 to 2008, however, they found that greater cash assistance reduced the burdens caused by joblessness.

Although suicide is the most severe outcome of unemployment, financial distress can also lead to mental and health issues — which the team also noted could be mitigated by improved benefits.

The study concluded that more financial assistance at times of need could save lives. “If the unemployment rate increases, having better benefits is going to buffer the effect,” Cylus told HuffPost.


Kima Invests In Pakistan-Based Startup Behind Groopic Photo App

The world just got that little bit smaller. The Pakistan-based startup behind Groopic, an iOs and Android app that ‘lets the photographer be in the picture’ has secured an investment from Kima Ventures. Kima is a seed stage capital firm with headquarters in Paris, France, and is known to invest at a high velocity.
Eyedeus Labs, which made Groopic, is an alumni of Plan9, … Read More

With $25M Backing, Saltside Wants To Be The Craigslist For Emerging Markets

shutterstock_198481439 The long road to making markets work starts with marketplaces. It’s no surprise therefore that simple classified advertising sites have been hits in emerging markets like Africa. From Howzit, to N-Soko, to even Craigslist Kenya, classified platforms have proliferated across Africa and Asia as basic internet access has spread. Most sites have grown organically, while others were created… Read More

Streethub Launches Its Click And Collect iOS App For London Boutiques

2cc Previewed last year, a new app hopes to entice people out of their homes to local stores in London, starting off with boutique fashion and gift stores. StreetHub’s iOS app lets shoppers either ‘click and collect’ directly from local stores, taking a rev-share on purchases or will delivery the item to their location inside 90 minutes.
If this was in the US their closest… Read More

Double-Exposure Photo-Sharing App Dubble Makes Its First Monetizing Moves

Dubble Dubble, a photo-sharing iOS app with a twist — the twist being that it turns standard photos into random double exposures by combining two users’ shots to make a new image out of the two — has made its first monetizing moves. Read More