Therapist declined temporary confinement for accused Colorado gunman: report

DENVER (Reuters) – A psychiatrist who treated accused Colorado theater gunman James Holmes rejected a law enforcement offer to involuntarily confine him for 72 hours after he told her six weeks before the shooting that he fantasized about killing “a lot of people,” the Denver Post reported on Wednesday.

Suspect arrested in fatal push of man onto NY subway track

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A New York man was charged with murder and denied bail on Wednesday for pushing a subway rider onto the tracks ahead of an oncoming train in a tragedy that has traumatized witnesses and raised questions about why nobody rushed to the victim’s aid.

Oakland deal would avoid court takeover of police force

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Oakland on Wednesday sought to avert a rare federal court takeover of its police department, striking a proposed deal in a civil rights suit to give a new official sweeping power to force change but leaving day-to-day operations in city hands.

Father of slain Florida teen steps into "Stand Your Ground" battle

JACKSONVILLE, Florida (Reuters) – Now that the father of 17-year-old Jordan Davis has buried his son, he is turning his grief and anger over the high school student’s shooting death into a crusade against guns and Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law.

Companies, universities must collaborate on skills gap: study

LONDON (Reuters) – Companies should get more involved with university courses to close a skills gap and ease graduates’ path to employment, according to a report on Wednesday.

Man pleads guilty of plotting to blow up N.Y. houses of worship

NEW YORK (Reuters) – One of two New York men charged last year with plotting to blow up synagogues and churches in Manhattan pleaded guilty on Tuesday to 10 charges and faces a decade in prison.

San Francisco tells nudists to get dressed

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors gave final approval on Tuesday to a ban on public nudity, a measure aimed at curtailing displays of nakedness that some residents and business owners say have gotten out of control in the famously tolerant city.

Illinois moves to give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois (Reuters) – Illinois took a major step on Tuesday toward granting drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, which would make it the most populous U.S. state to allow undocumented migrants to legally drive.