Corporate results support stocks, outlook foggy

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Asian stocks rose on Friday after results from JPMorgan and Google kept shares on track for a sixth week of gains, while the euro fell to a one-month low on uncertainty over what non-standard policy action the European Central Bank will enact.

Dozens feared killed in Afghanistan quake

MIR GADKHEL, Afghanistan (Reuters) – Dozens of people were feared dead and scores of houses destroyed by an earthquake in eastern Afghanistan early on Friday, villagers and a Reuters eyewitness said.

The Drop Stop

SAY NO TO CRACK!!! Car seat crack that is! No more dropping stuff down that stupid CAR-muda Triangle!
[Editor's note: How many times have I almost wrecked my car trying to find that mix tape that I lost under the seat??? I can't believe this is a real invention, but then again, I said the same thing about the Snuggie.]

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  1. Original Drop Stop® Car Wedge – Amazing New Car Invention!

Iran could respond to changed U.S.: Mottaki

TOKYO (Reuters) – Iran could respond to U.S. efforts to engage with Tehran if Washington turns the new tenor of its words into reality, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki was quoted as saying by a Japanese newspaper.