Scientists see risks and benefits in nano foods

LONDON (Reuters) – In a taste of things to come, food scientists say they have cooked up a way of using nanotechnology to make low-fat or fat-free foods just as appetizing and satisfying as their full-fat fellows.

Russia eyes $50 billion asset sale in 5 years: Kudrin

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia plans to earn $50 billion from privatization over the next 5 years and the government will over-rule any objections from company managers over the sale of their firms, Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said on Wednesday.

London calling: Asia investors load up on UK property

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Without ever setting eyes on the property, Hong Kong resident Irene Chu snapped up a flat 6,000 miles away in London, a city she has visited but has no intention of ever living in.