Democratic leader urges U.S. House to move on Obamacare fixes

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. House of Representatives Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi urged Republicans to establish a process to move forward on improvements to Obamacare on Friday after their healthcare reform effort failed in the Senate.

Carl Frampton: Fight with Andrés Gutiérrez still on despite weight scare

Carl Frampton weighs in one pound over the featherweight limit for Saturday’s homecoming fight with Andrés Gutiérrez at the SSE Arena.

The Information launches a media startup accelerator

 Jessica Lessin’s The Information has found success with a focus on cultivating a dedicated, narrow audience willing to pay a premium for quality content, and now it wants to help other young media companies build similar, sustainable subscription-based news organizations. The Information Accelerator begins accepting applications for its first batch  of companies today, and the goal will… Read More

Why Legendary Raids Are Making ‘Pokémon GO’ An Absolute Fortune

Legendary raids are making Pokemon GO as much money per day as the game made a year ago at launch. And it’s all do to one thing: P2W raid passes.

If The Universe Is Expanding, Then Why Aren’t We?

One of the biggest misconceptions in all of physics can be cleared up if you take care when you separate ‘space’ from ‘spacetime’.