Juan Guaidó: US backs opposition leader as Venezuela president

Donald Trump’s move comes as tens of thousands of Venezuelans take part in anti-government protests.

Venezuela protests: ‘Four dead’ as thousands rally against Maduro

There are reports of opposition rallies in “many cities” across the country against Nicolás Maduro.

Let us condemn the heresy of workspaces in churches | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

At their best, churches are magnificent, calm refuges. They’re no places for trendy pods full of digital nomads

Walking through Camden Town in north London recently – a place whose countercultural relevance dwindled sometime between the Libertines’ first and second albums – I came across a building labelled WORK.LIFE, plus the slogan, “Because life’s too short”.

It seemed to symbolise everything that the late cultural theorist Mark Fisher meant when he coined the phrase “boring dystopia”. WORK.LIFE is one of those hubs for freelancers, or “digital nomads” – a handy phrase if that green juice cleanse isn’t providing the quite the level of purging that your body desires. Don’t flush yet, though, there’s more: “Nestled in one of London’s most iconic postcodes, there’s plenty of creative spirit here as well as a punk-rock approach to business.”

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The money markets do recognise integrity … eventually | Robert Shiller

Vanguard Group founder Jack Bogle’s investment strategy was simple, successful and principled

The death on 16 January of Jack Bogle, the founder of the investment company Vanguard Group, was met with a slew of flattering obituaries. Of course, obituaries often praise their subjects. But Bogle’s seemed more laudatory than usual. And I think there is a reason: Bogle was an unusually morally directed man.

Of course, we cannot judge his success by his personal wealth. When Bogle established Vanguard in 1975, he set it up as a nonprofit. The company has no outside shareholders; all profits are reflected in lower fees, not dividends.

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