Mobike’s secret to leading the bicycle pack

Bike-sharing service provider Mobike has rolled out a series of tweaks to make its bicycles lighter and more comfortable to ride.

Unchaining ‘yellow fever’ in UK

China’s cycle rental startup ofo-pronounced “oh-ef-oh”-is seeking to overtake competitors such as Mobike by venturing overseas.

Young investors take a shine to online products

The online wealth management products are growing in appeal for younger retail investors, filling a gap in financial services created by the inadequacy of traditional banks and stock markets in certain respects, experts said.

For bicycle sellers, future appears to be a mixed bag

In the cold early spring of Northeast China, Wang Chao, a bicycle retailer, clothed in no more than a single-layer blue garment, was sweating profusely, busy assembling new bikes and serving customers. No time for even a coffee.

Globalization helps NZ family business tap China market

“Without globalization, New Zealand could still be an isolated island country down under, but due to globalization, we could now make products manufactured in a geographically remote area accessible to almost everyone in the globe,” said the CEO.