6 Snapchat Tools To Level Up Your Brand’s Marketing

While Snapchat has become an extremely attractive place to build your brand up and broadcast messages, standing out and building a large audience is still not easy.

Trump officials under fire over vague tax proposals

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Missing from President Donald Trump’s budget proposal this week was an annual report, known as the Green Book, that presidents have issued for many years to spell out their tax goals in detail, an omission that tax experts called telling.

U.S. lawmakers reintroduce bill to end restrictions on Cuba travel

HAVANA/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A bipartisan group of U.S. senators reintroduced legislation on Thursday to repeal all restrictions on travel to Cuba, this time attracting far more co-sponsors in a sign of growing support for U.S.-Cuban detente even as its future looks uncertain.

Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor ‘would be a circus’ – Oscar de la Hoya

A fight between Floyd Mayweather and UFC champion Conor McGregor would be a “farce,” says boxing great Oscar de la Hoya.

5 Do’s And Don’ts You Should Use To Respectfully Let Someone Go

It can cause a pit in your stomach. Firing someone is not easy, and sometimes it’s even more difficult to handle in a respectful way. Here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts we’ve discovered to let someone go in the best way possible.

Feast your eyes on this 600-DPI e-paper screen

 I have to say, I really like e-paper. And it’s come a long way since the crude early Kindles — nowadays you have e-readers that are as high-resolution as the best phones and iPads. And they’re set to get even better if E-Ink’s latest screens make it into a few products, as I hope they do. Read More

There Will Be 30 Technology Companies In 2030, 10 in 2050, And Then There Will Be None

There are two kinds of consolidation. The first is traditional where companies buy each other to gain market share in a silo — like tablets or ERP. The second cuts across technologies and industries, like when Comcast acquired NBCUniversal. Type 2 consolidation will dominate the next 30 years.