Three kidnapped Turkish engineers released in southern Libya

TRIPOLI (Reuters) – Three Turkish engineers kidnapped last year in the southern Libyan town of Ubari have been released, the U.N.-backed Libyan government said.

U.S. government reunites 522 children removed under ‘zero tolerance’

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Homeland Security Department said late Saturday the government has reunited 522 children separated from adults as part of a “Zero Tolerance” initiative and plans to reunite another 16 children over the next 24 hours.

Kids in Hot Cars: States Aren’t Doing Enough To Protect Children ‘Being Left to Die’

A new report highlights how state laws are inadequate and do not protect children enough from intentionally being left unattended in hot vehicles.

Why The Toys R Us Bankruptcy Is A Win For Golfers And PGA Tour Superstores

PGA Tour Superstore, currently with 33 stores in 14 states, plans to expand to 40 locations in the U.S. this year and 50 stores by 2020. Many new locations will fill spaces formerly occupied by Toys R Us, which is liquidating all store locations and going out of business.