Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-15

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Daily Digest for 2009-02-15

blog (feed #1) 1:32am Alcatel-Lucent participates in a national effort to raise Singapore’s interactive media capabilities
blog (feed #1) 1:41am GM, UAW talks break off; Chrysler talks stall
blog (feed #1) 1:59am Obama to sign stimulus bill Tuesday in Denver
blog (feed #1) 1:59am Obama to sign stimulus bill Tuesday in Denver
blog (feed #1) 2:09am Twinfield and Deloitte Netherlands Collaborate to Expand Online Accounting Service
blog (feed #1) 2:26am U.S. envoy meets Afghan president as ties strained
blog (feed #1) 2:59am W.House cautions realism over Obama housing plan
blog (feed #1) 3:58am Obama heading west to promote foreclosure fight
blog (feed #1) 4:20am Ice slows search at site of deadly plane crash
blog (feed #1) 4:31am Australian wildfire victims mourned at church
blog (feed #1) 5:37am Official: Captive Chinese man freed in Pakistan
blog (feed #1) 5:59am Burris says Blagojevich’s brother sought donation
blog (feed #1) 6:00am Obama vows to act fast on economic stimulus
blog (feed #1) 6:20am G7 strives to pair crisis response and free trade
blog (feed #1) 6:20am Wall Street: Devil is in the details
blog (feed #1) 6:48am Geithner addresses G7 ministers
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blog (feed #1) 7:02am Venezuela to vote on term limits
blog (feed #1) 9:00am NEWSMAKER-Viehbacher applies Glaxo lessons at Sanofi
blog (feed #1) 10:38am California lawmakers vote on $41 billion budget plan
blog (feed #1) 10:43am US to include Afghans in review
blog (feed #1) 11:00am Obama to sign stimulus bill Tuesday
blog (feed #1) 11:07am Obama to sign stimulus bill Tuesday
blog (feed #1) 11:33am Zimbabwe ‘treason case dropped’
blog (feed #1) 12:08pm ECB reticent as G7 c.banks eye tools beyond rates (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 12:20pm Global warming ‘underestimated’
blog (feed #1) 12:20pm Pollution link to asthma in womb
blog (feed #1) 1:48pm Photo website is an exciting project with many possibilities
blog (feed #1) 1:53pm Why is everyone leaving Britain? –
blog (feed #1) 2:02pm Euro zone GDP record contraction
blog (feed #1) 2:02pm G7 vow to stabilize economy
blog (feed #1) 2:02pm OPEC slashes 2009 world oil demand again
blog (feed #1) 2:02pm G7: Jittery over ‘buy American’
blog (feed #1) 2:17pm Three Firms Set to Defend Mega-Merger
blog (feed #1) 2:19pm The Ins and Outs of Car Polish
blog (feed #1) 2:23pm – Free People Search
blog (feed #1) 2:23pm Ponzi Schemes and HYIPS – Free Money Traps
blog (feed #1) 2:29pm First Item Sold Online: Goofy Toy and a Russian Tea Tin
blog (feed #1) 2:31pm Germany nears framing law to take over Hypo
blog (feed #1) 2:31pm Maverick Money Makers Review -Is it Hype Or Just A Scam?
blog (feed #1) 2:33pm (How To Earning Money Online Within 24 Hours)*MONEY MAGNET*
blog (feed #1) 2:35pm French banks set to merge on February 26
blog (feed #1) 2:52pm Note for Ascension Island Webcam Viewers
blog (feed #1) 2:54pm The Sunlight Foundation: Unraveling Rangel
blog (feed #1) 2:54pm Don McNay: Wealth Without Wall Street
blog (feed #1) 2:54pm Larry Gellman: It’s Time to Own Stocks and Stuff
blog (feed #1) 2:54pm Investing Tips For Teens, Young Adults
blog (feed #1) 2:54pm Jill Keto: Inflation: Why Investing in Yellow Could Save Your Portfolio
blog (feed #1) 3:15pm Fancy Cats Shower Curtain
blog (feed #1) 3:15pm Trying to Live On $500,000
blog (feed #1) 3:15pm Cessna Fights Back
blog (feed #1) 3:15pm Inspiratomatic
blog (feed #1) 3:42pm Axelrod: Effects of stimulus will be seen soon
blog (feed #1) 4:10pm Obama launches economic whirlwind
blog (feed #1) 5:00pm Sep 19: Seedcamp winners on their webby futures
blog (feed #1) 5:00pm Oct 14: Kanya King on how to establish credibility
blog (feed #1) 5:00pm Oct 28: Ready to bounce back
blog (feed #1) 5:00pm Jan 6: Funding in a downturn
blog (feed #1) 5:00pm Jan 28: The case for the ’super angel’ investor
blog (feed #1) 5:21pm Credit agencies seek more personal details
blog (feed #1) 5:40pm Future of wireless is Down Under
blog (feed #1) 6:00pm A CEO masters micro-credit
blog (feed #1) 6:04pm Deere in the crosshairs as recession hits farmers
blog (feed #1) 6:20pm India scandal won’t spark reforms
blog (feed #1) 6:21pm At Davos, an upside-down world
blog (feed #1) 6:21pm The man who outfoxed the market
blog (feed #1) 6:23pm Fame & Fortune: Jay Mohr
blog (feed #1) 6:24pm 13 basic tax lessons
blog (feed #1) 6:24pm Retirees get money break in 2009
blog (feed #1) 7:06pm Personal Adviser: Investors: Mutual funds are hazardous to your wealth
blog (feed #1) 7:14pm Venezuelans vote on term limits
blog (feed #1) 7:16pm Taleban announces Swat ceasefire
blog (feed #1) 7:36pm Obama focusing on stimulus, foreclosure crisis
blog (feed #1) 7:43pm Guantanamo inmate ‘fit to travel’
blog (feed #1) 8:04pm Obama targets housing fix after stimulus victory
blog (feed #1) 8:37pm Afghanistan to join in regional U.S. policy review
blog (feed #1) 9:22pm Stimulus signing, foreclosure aid on Obama agenda
blog (feed #1) 10:02pm Sony Ericsson unveils 2 phones, video service
blog (feed #1) 10:17pm White House dampens stimulus expectations
blog (feed #1) 10:17pm White House dampens stimulus expectations
blog (feed #1) 10:20pm Flyers face losing their Airmiles
blog (feed #1) 10:29pm Livni says "no" to joining Netanyahu-led coalition
blog (feed #1) 10:41pm New 401(k) Plan Emphasizes High-Touch Service
blog (feed #1) 10:41pm Personal Finance: Estate and tax issues complicated for gay, lesbian couples
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  • Global woe brings Japanese local pain: New data are set to show that Japan contracted by about 3 per cent quarte..
  • Detroit puts faith in reviving used-car market: There is a glimmer of hope for the auto industry as the sales of..
  • Burris says Blagojevich’s brother sought donation: Roland Burris, named to fill the US Senate seat once held by ..
  • White House seeks deal on bonus curbs: The White House signals it will seek a deal with Congress on pay controls..
  • Massacre in Mexico leaves 12 dead: Twelve people were gunned down in southern Mexico at the weekend in a massacr..
  • G7 softens tone on China: The US and other Group of Seven industrialised countries have stepped back from critic..
  • Zardari warns of widening Taliban threat: Asif Ali Zardari, Pakistan’s president, has warned that the threat to ..
blog (feed #1) 10:50pm Nokia’s Ollila sees recession lasting 2-3 years
blog (feed #1) 11:13pm Obama faces tough decisions on US auto industry
blog (feed #1) 11:30pm Twitter Updates for 2009-02-15
blog (feed #1) 11:31pm GM, UAW talks resume as deadline looms
blog (feed #1) 11:31pm GM, UAW talks resume as deadline looms
blog (feed #1) 12:18am Stimulus bill, foreclosure aid tops Obama agenda

Twitter Updates for 2009-02-15

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Twitter Updates for 2009-02-14

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Daily Digest for 2009-02-14

blog (feed #1) 1:03am G7 draft singles out yuan but not yen, pound (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 1:08am SEC probing alleged improper trades by hedge funds
blog (feed #1) 1:12am Meltdown 101: How a mortgage aid plan might work
blog (feed #1) 1:15am Key human rights advocate dies in U.S. plane crash
blog (feed #1) 1:16am Plane crashes into home near Buffalo, killing 50
blog (feed #1) 1:22am PNC pays bonuses to execs after getting TARP money
blog (feed #1) 1:22am PNC pays bonuses to execs after getting TARP money
blog (feed #1) 1:23am US Senate starts stimulus vote
blog (feed #1) 1:29am Stocks fall as investors can’t shake economic woes
blog (feed #1) 2:06am Major US banks, mortgage giants freeze foreclosures
blog (feed #1) 2:10am House approves stimulus plan; Senate vote next
blog (feed #1) 2:11am Personal pension the safest investment bet in these troubled times
blog (feed #1) 2:23am U.S. links Moscow help on Iran to missile shield
blog (feed #1) 2:26am U.S. auto suppliers seek $18.5 billion in government aid
blog (feed #1) 2:28am Obama poised for big stimulus win
blog (feed #1) 2:32am U.S. mortgage rescue plan cheers some, angers others
blog (feed #1) 2:33am G7 strains to couple crisis response and free trade (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 2:35am Clinton makes offer to North Korea, appeals to China
blog (feed #1) 2:36am Obama to unveil foreclosure plan, big lenders wait
blog (feed #1) 2:36am Obama to unveil foreclosure plan, big lenders wait
blog (feed #1) 2:37am G7 strains to couple crisis response and free trade
blog (feed #1) 2:39am Iridium network patched after collision in space
blog (feed #1) 2:40am Carlyle plans $3 bln financial assets fund-source
blog (feed #1) 2:54am Merge Cedara to redeem Merge Tech shares on April 15
blog (feed #1) 3:00am Stocks slip ahead of vote
blog (feed #1) 3:00am U.S. companies eye worst quarter in a decade
blog (feed #1) 3:00am September 11 widow was on crashed NY plane
blog (feed #1) 3:00am U.S. consumers, economists unanimously grim
blog (feed #1) 3:24am Investors anxious for clarity on bank plan
blog (feed #1) 3:41am UPDATE 3-Liberty-Sirius talks do not involve takeover-source
blog (feed #1) 3:42am Liberty-Sirius talks do not involve takeover: source
blog (feed #1) 3:49am Senate on brink of passing stimulus bill
blog (feed #1) 4:11am Creditors balk at Polaroid’s plan to sell itself
blog (feed #1) 5:13am Citi, M. Stanley may pay $3 billion to keep brokers: report
blog (feed #1) 6:04am Congress sends $787 billion stimulus to Obama
blog (feed #1) 6:04am Congress sends $787 billion stimulus to Obama
blog (feed #1) 6:30am US Congress approves economic boost
blog (feed #1) 6:40am Investors anxious for clarity on bank plan
blog (feed #1) 6:54am UK proposes better wireless broadband services
blog (feed #1) 7:16am US Congress passes stimulus plan
blog (feed #1) 7:18am Israel Internet PR Cyber Warriors
blog (feed #1) 7:23am Marry From The Internet? You Must be A Computer
blog (feed #1) 7:27am Rio Tinto stakeholder wary about Chinalco deal-WSJ
blog (feed #1) 7:34am Nortel Completes World’s First LTE TDD 4G Broadband Wireless Demonstration in China
blog (feed #1) 8:00am Personal loans rose 8.2% in 2008, says central bank
blog (feed #1) 8:20am Harrah’s suspending 401(k) contributions
blog (feed #1) 8:20am Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac again suspend foreclosures
blog (feed #1) 9:16am Pakistan missile hit ‘kills 20′
blog (feed #1) 9:18am WE survey: financial community confident in clean-tech sector
blog (feed #1) 9:20am Top College Sports Towns
blog (feed #1) 9:21am The Obama-Geithner Bear Market
blog (feed #1) 9:21am The Most Valuable College Football Teams
blog (feed #1) 9:39am HIGHLIGHTS-Key quotes from second day of Rome G7 meeting (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 10:39am Geithner seeks to sell US crisis approach
blog (feed #1) 10:50am Malaysia’s Puncak to reject water buyout offer -report
blog (feed #1) 11:02am OFT Review into Local Media Merger Regime
blog (feed #1) 11:09am Cyplasin Biomedical Ltd., and Pacific Therapeutics Ltd., announces Letter of Intent (LOI) for Reverse Takeover (RTO) and Related Financings
blog (feed #1) 11:22am Ratewatch: the best rates for mortgages, personal loans, savings and credit cards
blog (feed #1) 11:30am US Congress approves stimulus in major win for Obama
blog (feed #1) 12:10pm Google criticises Italian Internet legislation
blog (feed #1) 12:13pm BT Broadband reaches 4.7 million customers
blog (feed #1) 12:21pm Singapore’s first interactive sexual wellness forum and hotline
blog (feed #1) 12:39pm Light ‘could detect Parkinson’s’
blog (feed #1) 1:11pm Obama vows to act fast on economic stimulus
blog (feed #1) 1:22pm Obama hails stimulus plan as ‘major milestone’
blog (feed #1) 2:42pm Fluid Music Canada’s Trusonic Becomes Exclusive Provider of Internet Delivered Music and Messaging to Ace Hardware
blog (feed #1) 2:45pm Obama hails bail-out ‘milestone’
blog (feed #1) 2:48pm Saudi king dismisses 2 powerful religious figures
blog (feed #1) 3:30pm UPDATE – Indonesia sees container volumes down 20-30 pct in ‘09 (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 3:36pm G7 finance ministers reject protectionist measures
blog (feed #1) 3:37pm G7 statement: recession top priority, easier on China (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 3:53pm G7 commits to firm crisis response and free trade
blog (feed #1) 3:55pm Suspected US missile strike kills 27 in Pakistan
blog (feed #1) 4:13pm ‘US strike’ kills 27 in Pakistan
blog (feed #1) 4:20pm Daily News Calls off 401(k) Match
blog (feed #1) 4:20pm Congress Digs Back Into 401(k) Issues
blog (feed #1) 4:20pm Personal bankruptcies ballooned in Mass. last year
blog (feed #1) 4:47pm Zimbabwe PM: aide’s arrest undermines accord
blog (feed #1) 4:49pm Israel puts terms on Gaza truce
blog (feed #1) 5:27pm U.S.’s Geithner at G7: all must maintain open trade (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 5:39pm Residents return to fire-destroyed Australian town
blog (feed #1) 5:47pm Murder trial in Italy: US student had a scratch
blog (feed #1) 6:04pm Full List: America’s Safest Hospitals
blog (feed #1) 6:07pm Capital goods, power stocks rise as govt gears up to clear mega equipment project (Business Standard India)
blog (feed #1) 6:12pm Brazil Stocks Gain on Commodity Advance, Stimulus; Bolsa Rises (Bloomberg)
blog (feed #1) 6:12pm Asian Stocks End Two-Week Advance on Profit, Stimulus Concerns (Bloomberg)
blog (feed #1) 6:12pm Stocks rally from sharp losses on report of mortgage plan (USA Today)
blog (feed #1) 6:12pm H.R.Harmer and Archives International Auction Historic American Bank Note Company Archive of Banknotes, Stocks, Bonds … (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance)
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blog (feed #1) 7:24pm G7 strives to pair crisis response and free trade
blog (feed #1) 7:28pm GM considering Chapter 11 filing, new company: report
blog (feed #1) 7:49pm U.S. safety panel wants more action on plane icing
blog (feed #1) 8:20pm US vows to work for ‘consensus’ on financial reform
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  • Twitter receives fresh Silicon Valley funding: Twitter, a booming micro-blogging service that has struggled to f..
  • G7 pledges to avoid protectionism: Finance ministers and central bankers from the Group of Seven industrial demo..
  • GSK limits drug prices in poor nations: GlaxoSmithKline, the pharmaceuticals group, will cap the prices at which..
  • US missile strike kills 25 militants in Pakistan: A US missile attack killed at least 25 al Qaeda-linked militan..
  • Israel rules out Gaza truce unless soldier freed: Israel said it would not agree to a ceasefire with the Hamas r..

Daily Digest for 2009-02-13

blog (feed #1) 1:17am Aetna 4Q profit slides on heavy investment losses
blog (feed #1) 1:22am World economic crisis is top security threat: U.S.
blog (feed #1) 1:22am World economic crisis is top security threat: U.S.
blog (feed #1) 1:26am Stocks mixed after report of mortgage subsidies
blog (feed #1) 1:33am Microsoft to open own stores
blog (feed #1) 1:44am Administration weighs plan to lower mortgage rates
blog (feed #1) 1:54am Raising Money In Terrible Times
blog (feed #1) 2:00am Top U.S. thrift regulator Reich to step down
blog (feed #1) 2:04am Skilling to seek Supreme Court review of sentence
blog (feed #1) 2:06am "Worldwide FTTH Market" by Infiniti Research Limited February
blog (feed #1) 2:07am Mobile Market Reaches 50.9 mil. Accesses, Broadband Market 9 mil. in SpainRegulator
blog (feed #1) 2:14am Broadband tax credits dropped from U.S. stimulus
blog (feed #1) 2:18am Research and Markets: In Malaysia’s Broadband Market, 3G Takes the Lead While WiMAX Assists
blog (feed #1) 2:33am Google plans data center at old Finnish paper mill
blog (feed #1) 2:37am Obama mortgage plan news spurs late stocks rally
blog (feed #1) 2:47am Workshop on web 2.0 content on Feb 20
blog (feed #1) 2:51am Analysts sceptical over Selangor water takeover offer
blog (feed #1) 2:51am Toyota to cut hours, offer buyouts to U.S. workers
blog (feed #1) 2:52am UPDATE 2-Libya to set up investment fund with Italy’s Mediobanca
blog (feed #1) 2:53am Lower Prices, Greater Activity for Oil and Gas M&A
blog (feed #1) 3:00am Chrysler braces for long auto sales slump
blog (feed #1) 3:02am SemGroup execs sue Catsimatidis, seek his ouster
blog (feed #1) 3:04am Toyota to cut hours and offer buyouts to U.S. workers
blog (feed #1) 3:04am Toyota to cut hours and offer buyouts to U.S. workers
blog (feed #1) 3:19am Obama mortgage plan news spurs late stocks rally
blog (feed #1) 3:25am Third Obama cabinet nominee withdraws name
blog (feed #1) 3:26am Congress agrees on "strong" Buy American plan
blog (feed #1) 3:35am Congress sets final votes on stimulus for Friday
blog (feed #1) 3:35am Congress sets final votes on stimulus for Friday
blog (feed #1) 3:40am Another Obama cabinet pick quits
blog (feed #1) 3:46am GM says has no plan to sell China JV stake to SAIC
blog (feed #1) 3:47am Chrysler braces for long auto sales slump
blog (feed #1) 4:04am YouTube renews music video deal with Sony Music: sources
blog (feed #1) 4:14am Economic crisis top US security concern: intel chief
blog (feed #1) 4:26am Platinum Equity eyes GM’s Hummer unit – report
blog (feed #1) 4:29am US lawmakers gird for stimulus showdown
blog (feed #1) 4:33am Texas orders peanut recall from company’s 2nd plant
blog (feed #1) 4:38am Australian stimulus plan approved
blog (feed #1) 5:22am UPDATE 1-GM says has no plan to sell China JV stake to SAIC
blog (feed #1) 7:20am Aging Committee Chairman Revives 401(k) Disclosure Debate
blog (feed #1) 8:15am Congress set to pass stimulus plan, send to Obama
blog (feed #1) 8:48am Australian Senate passes stimulus package
blog (feed #1) 8:54am To save or to spend? Americans ponder their duty
blog (feed #1) 8:54am To save or to spend? Americans ponder their duty
blog (feed #1) 8:58am Plane crashes in New York state, 49 dead: media reports
blog (feed #1) 9:09am Ailing U.S. banks may require more aid to stay solvent: report
blog (feed #1) 9:20am DryShips Deal Founders
blog (feed #1) 9:37am Plane crashes in New York state killing 49: officials
blog (feed #1) 9:54am US Congress set for stimulus vote
blog (feed #1) 10:03am Price will be king at the 2009 New York Toy Fair
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blog (feed #1) 1:41pm Plane crashes in New York state killing 49
blog (feed #1) 2:10pm Japan economy seen shrinking at 10 pct pace in 4Q
blog (feed #1) 2:22pm Euro rises despite shrinking eurozone growth
blog (feed #1) 2:28pm Sirius XM still in talks with Liberty: source
blog (feed #1) 2:38pm PepsiCo profit falls, but matches Street view
blog (feed #1) 2:49pm U.S. offers Moscow concession on missile shield
blog (feed #1) 3:06pm Wall Street set to bounce on stimulus and mortgage plan
blog (feed #1) 3:08pm What’s Holding Back Mortgage Modification?
(BusinessWeek Online)
blog (feed #1) 3:08pm Private Equity Going Cheap
(BusinessWeek Online)
blog (feed #1) 3:20pm Clinton aims to soothe jittery allies, woo China
blog (feed #1) 3:20pm Oil prices rise despite US fears
blog (feed #1) 3:20pm Stimulus measures push up personal loans demand
blog (feed #1) 3:23pm Coller takes stake in Permira investor SVG
blog (feed #1) 4:01pm RLPC-Weak Q4 results show worse ahead for European leverage
blog (feed #1) 4:10pm Stocks ready to drop
blog (feed #1) 4:15pm World markets rise after Wall Street bounceback
blog (feed #1) 4:32pm Oil climbs above $34 on reports of US mortgage aid
blog (feed #1) 4:43pm Kenya, Turkey, Japan lead mobile money trend
blog (feed #1) 4:47pm Home insurance vital in extreme weather
blog (feed #1) 5:09pm U.S. consumers’ mood falls sharply
blog (feed #1) 5:19pm Plane hits house in Buffalo, 50 dead
blog (feed #1) 5:20pm September 11 widow was on crashed NY plane: paper
blog (feed #1) 5:27pm European stocks in sharp rebound
blog (feed #1) 5:34pm Clinton, Lavrov to meet in Geneva: EU’s Solana
blog (feed #1) 5:40pm Wal-Mart says more U.S. employees have health coverage
blog (feed #1) 5:44pm Senator to walk to, from Sabbath stimulus vote
blog (feed #1) 5:45pm Liberty/Sirius talks do not involve takeover: source
blog (feed #1) 5:51pm U.S. consumers’ mood falls sharply
blog (feed #1) 6:00pm Fed giving itself extra time to meet during crisis
blog (feed #1) 6:00pm Obama: Crucial to confront U.S. housing crisis
blog (feed #1) 6:12pm Plane hits house near Buffalo, 50 dead
blog (feed #1) 6:17pm US rallies G7 finance chiefs to fight recession
blog (feed #1) 6:20pm How Banks Are Worsening the Foreclosure Crisis
(BusinessWeek Online)
blog (feed #1) 6:35pm The crusade begins
blog (feed #1) 6:36pm JPMorgan halting foreclosures until March 6
blog (feed #1) 6:40pm U.S. consumers, economists unanimously grim
blog (feed #1) 6:59pm UPDATE 1-Citadel sets plan for redemptions, up 5 pct in Jan
blog (feed #1) 7:04pm HSH Nordbank needs more capital, guarantees-sources
blog (feed #1) 7:25pm Antigua regulator says not investigating Stanford
blog (feed #1) 7:30pm UPDATE 1-Democrats: U.S. carmakers must make "tough decisions"
blog (feed #1) 7:46pm Lloyds Banking unveils $12 billion HBOS loss
blog (feed #1) 7:46pm Big banks place moratorium on some foreclosures
blog (feed #1) 7:59pm FTSE 100 down on Lloyds warning
blog (feed #1) 8:03pm Personal Finance Daily: Keep your affairs in order when they involve the workplace
blog (feed #1) 8:26pm Stocks decline as world finance ministers meet
blog (feed #1) 8:30pm Daytona Drag: NASCAR Tries to Outrace the Recession
blog (feed #1) 8:30pm A Better Bank Fix: Cut Every Mortgage’s Principal
blog (feed #1) 8:36pm BHP waits in wings as Rio cosies up to Chinalco
blog (feed #1) 8:40pm G7 ministers meet on crisis, fret over protectionism
blog (feed #1) 8:50pm PepsiCo CFO sees growth in snacks, dairy
blog (feed #1) 8:52pm Geithner joins G-7 meeting as Europe economy tanks
blog (feed #1) 9:00pm "Millennial" drivers crave iPods over horsepower
blog (feed #1) 9:07pm Train crash in India ‘kills 15′
blog (feed #1) 9:07pm Stocks recover on foreclosure plan news
blog (feed #1) 9:33pm Real Estate Close-Up: Portland
blog (feed #1) 9:48pm U.S. mortgage rescue plan cheers some, angers others
blog (feed #1) 9:57pm Obama to unveil foreclosures plan next week
blog (feed #1) 10:05pm McCain says Obama needs to work on bipartisanship
blog (feed #1) 10:07pm Wall St. slides as banks offset housing optimism
blog (feed #1) 10:15pm House approves stimulus plan; Senate vote to come
blog (feed #1) 10:16pm Asia Distribution Solutions Limited (LSE AIM: ADSL) Announces Merger With Yarraman Winery, Inc. (YRMN) to Become Global Beverages Asia, Inc.
blog (feed #1) 10:20pm Asia Distribution Solutions Limited (LSE AIM: ADSL) Announces
blog (feed #1) 10:23pm Two major US banks freeze home foreclosures
blog (feed #1) 10:27pm Clinton vows to deepen US bonds with Asia
blog (feed #1) 10:32pm Bernard Etzinger, spokesperson at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C., talks about Broadband Canada and related issues
blog (feed #1) 10:33pm PCCW contract workers agree to pay cuts
blog (feed #1) 10:34pm Successful bird Valentinos strut with sensitivity
blog (feed #1) 10:43pm Obama to outline plan to stem home foreclosures
blog (feed #1) 10:43pm US House approves stimulus plan
blog (feed #1) 10:48pm Cup of competition: small cafes holding their own
blog (feed #1) 10:50pm US Senator plans for Sabbath stimulus vote
blog (feed #1) 11:17pm Oil breaks out of weeklong price slide
blog (feed #1) 11:17pm Google to offer paid smartphone apps in Apple challenge
blog (feed #1) 11:20pm Don’t stuff every dime into 401(k) plan
blog (feed #1) 11:20pm Britain improving not moving: 4 billion of personal loans taken out to pay for home improvements
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  • Wall St looks for detail on anti-foreclosure plan: US stocks could struggle for momentum at the open on Friday a..
  • Lloyds warns of £10bn HBOS loss: Lloyds Banking Group warned that its HBOS subsidiary would report an underlying..
  • Gregg withdraws as Obama commerce pick: Barack Obama suffered the fourth high-profile withdrawal of a key admini..
  • Berkshire Hathaway lends Tiffany $250m: Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is to invest in $250m of bonds issue..
  • Spain enters first recession for 15 years: The Spanish economy has fallen into its first recession for 15 years,..
  • Vampire film drives stake into retail woe: A love story with a powerful bite has lightened the retail gloom in t..
  • Air France-KLM swings to loss: Europe’s largest airline has plunged into the red and is being forced to shrink i..
  • Iraq suicide bomber attacks Shia pilgrims: A female suicide bomber blew herself up in a crowd of Shia pilgrims, ..
  • New surveys reinforce US economic gloom : Consumers, economists and corporate executives are feeling increasingl..
  • France to call for hedge fund crackdown: France will press for tighter controls on hedge funds, urging other ind..
  • US closes in on plan to stop foreclosures: Bank stocks rallied after reports suggested the administration was ho..
  • Eurozone contracts at record rate: Eurozone growth contracted at its fastest ever rate at the end of last year, ..
  • Microsoft to open chain of retail stores:
    Microsoft hires a former Wal-Mart executive to open a chain of retail..
  • Chrysler faced with equity carve-up: Chrysler’s restructuring plan could see the combined equity of owners Cerbe..
  • US stimulus plan to cap banker bonuses: Top bankers working for US financial groups that have received governmen..
  • Rio Tinto fights back over Chinalco deal: Criticism of the proposed capital injection intensifies from UK shareh..
  • Pepsi quarterly profits fall flat: PepsiCo the US soft drinks and food company said its fourth quarter profits f..
  • Plane crashes into house in Buffalo, New York: A plane with 48 people on board crashed into a house near Buffalo..
blog (feed #1) 11:49pm US offers N Korea ties prospect
blog (feed #1) 11:55pm ‘Ice build-up’ on crashed plane
blog (feed #1) 11:56pm MDC nominee ‘on treason charge’
blog (feed #1) 12:22am Eurozone shrinks sharply

Twitter Updates for 2009-02-13

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