House panel eyes reported FBI probe of Trump

A U.S. House of Representatives committee will look into a news media report that the FBI investigated whether President Donald Trump has been working on behalf of Russia, against U.S. interests, the panel’s Democratic chairman said on Saturday.

Venezuela claims win in LatAm diplomatic dispute, ignores criticism of Maduro

Venezuela’s government claimed victory on Saturday in a diplomatic quarrel with Latin American countries over a border dispute with Guyana, while ignoring an avalanche of criticism over President Nicolas Maduro’s second term in office.

Fire And Feces May Reveal An Early Human Presence In Alaska

A new study finds biomolecules characteristic of human feces, as well as evidence of fire, in 32-18,000-year-old sediments from a lake on the North Slope of Alaska. This finding may help resolve a debate about the timing of the peopling of the Americas.

Buying Stocks Is Not Just For Rich People. You Can Do It Too!

If you want to start building wealth, you have to stop relying on your checking and savings account to get you there. Start investing and stop relying on old thoughts and habits to create new realities for you in 2019. You don’t have to be rich to invest, and here are 3 ways for you to start now!

Brazil president says he wants free trade with ‘the entire world’

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro wants “bilateral trade with the entire world without an ideological bias,” he said on Twitter on Saturday ahead of the Davos World Economic Forum later this month.