Child slips into rhino pen, touched by animal’s snout

A little girl entered the rhinoceros exhibit at a Florida zoo by slipping between two poles, and at least one of the massive pachyderms touched the child with its snout, officials said on Tuesday.

Big banks look to cut back, alter credit card rewards programs: WSJ

Large financial institutions including JP Morgan Chase & Co , Citigroup Inc , and American Express Co are cutting back or altering some of the rewards plans that their credit card businesses offer borrowers, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.

The Financial Value Of Having A Purpose In Your Life

Having a purpose in our life may seem like one of those somewhat fluffy concepts that’s nice to have but is hardly essential to success and fulfillment in life, but there’s a growing amount of evidence highlighting the value of purpose to both our financial and general success and wellbeing.

Manchester stabbings suspect may have mental problems as UK terrorism probe ongoing

A 25-year-old man suspected of stabbing three people with a kitchen knife at Manchester Victoria train station on New Year’s Eve was being held and assessed for mental health issues on Tuesday, police said.