That Logitech and Plantronics deal is now dead

In a statement issued today, Logitech International said that while it had engaged in discussions with Plantronics about a potential transaction, it had terminated the negotiations.

Over the weekend we picked up a Reuters report that the two companies were in talks for a potential $2.2 billion merger.

The company declined to comment further.


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U.S.-Mexico border crossing closed after migrant protest halted in Tijuana

The United States closed its busiest border crossing with Mexico on Sunday after Mexican police broke up a protest of Central American migrants massed in Tijuana, scattering some demonstrators toward the border where U.S. officers hurled gas canisters from the American side.

It Might Be Worse to Take Social Security at 66, Here’s Why

In a recent column, columnist Mark Hubert suggests taking Social Security benefits early to avoid losing benefits from future benefit cuts coming down the road. However, calculations based on my company’s Maximize My Social Security recommend patience even under the worst-case benefit-cut scenario.