“This is bonkers”: FCC wants to stop reviewing most complaints about ISPs

Ajit Pai’s Federal Communications Commission is proposing that it stop reviewing the vast majority of consumer complaints about telecom companies. Going forward, consumers harmed by broadband, TV, and phone companies would have to pay $225 in order to get an FCC review of their complaints.

The FCC accepts two types of complaints: informal ones and formal ones. It costs nothing to file an informal complaint and $225 to file a formal one; given that, consumers almost always file informal complaints. Besides the filing fee, formal complaints kick off a court-like proceeding in which the parties appear before the FCC and file numerous documents to address legal issues. It isn’t an easy process for consumers to go through.

The FCC is scheduled to vote Thursday this week on a proposal that would change the FCC’s complaint rules by deleting two references to the commission’s “disposition” of informal complaints.

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