Heavy rains flood hospital in India

Heavy rains have flooded a hospital in Patna, east India as annual monsoon rains wreak havoc across the region, killing more than a 1000 people and destroying homes. Colette Luke has more.

Tunisian airport workers call off strike

Tunisian airport employees have called off a strike slated to take place this week after a deal was reached with the government to improve work conditions, their union said on Monday, averting a threatened disruption of tourist traffic.

U.S senators call for investigation of road toll systems vendor

Two U.S. senators on Monday asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate an electronic toll systems vendor, accusing the company of mismanaging road toll systems in several states.

Trump administration eyes capital gains tax cut for wealthy: NY Times

The Trump administration is considering bypassing Congress to grant a $100 billion tax cut to wealthy Americans by allowing taxpayers to account for inflation while determining capital gains tax liabilities, the New York Times reported on Monday.

Even As A Hall Of Famer, Chipper Jones Remains As Relatable As Ever

Most of us can’t hit the ball like Chipper Jones did, but the Braves’ superstar and new Hall of Famer’s lessons about honesty and accountability are easily relatable.