Trump urges automakers to build more vehicles in U.S., blasts NAFTA

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump on Friday pressed automakers to build more vehicles in the United States and launched a fresh attack on the North American Free Trade Agreement that has benefited them, while the companies urged him to work with California to keep nationwide U.S. vehicle emissions standards.

Microsoft can’t fix “flickergate” Surface Pro 4s with software, so it’s replacing them

Microsoft will replace Surface Pro 4s that are afflicted with a screen flickering issue that is caused by a hardware problem and is unfixable in firmware or software.

For more than a year, there have been complaints from Surface Pro 4 users that their tablet computers were developing a nasty screen flickering issue. You can see the issue in action here. The random occurrence and nature of the corruption made it clear that the hardware was the cause. To try and eke some life out of their systems, Surface Pro 4 users were going to extreme lengths. Sticking the machines in the freezer would restore normal function for a short period, and other owners felt that hairdryers were a better solution.

With Microsoft now properly acknowledging the problem, these hacks are no longer necessary. Customers with affected machines must request a replacement within three years of the initial purchase, whether it was a consumer or a corporate sale. They’ll receive a refurbished but otherwise equivalent Surface Pro 4.

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Wall Street rises with healthcare rally after Trump’s speech

(Reuters) – The S&P 500 rose on Friday, helped by healthcare stocks after President Donald Trump blasted high drug prices but avoided taking aggressive measures to cut them.

Are Corporate Buybacks Basically Just Insider Trading? (And Other Questions You’re Afraid To Ask)

Are buybacks one of the best vehicles for offering a continuous profit to new and existing shareholders, or are they the only option for companies that have no other way of increasing their earnings per share.

Takata’s defective air bags linked to 278 injuries in U.S.: Senator

(Reuters) – Takata Corp’s defective air bags have been linked to 278 injuries across the United States, according to updated figures released by U.S. Democratic Senator Bill Nelson of Florida, in advance of a hearing next week on the nomination of Heidi King to head the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.