Glenview’s Robbins says talk of Amazon’s entering pharma is overblown

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Glenview Capital Management Chief Executive Larry Robbins said on Monday at the Sohn Investment Conference in New York that he still likes a trio of stocks he already owns,…

Icons Of Impact: Two Globetrotting Entrepreneurs Whose Travel Films Inspire Impact

Two entrepreneurs reveal how to combine a love travel with incredible video content to change our world. And they know a lot about cofounder dynamics – they’re married with a globetrotting family in tow.

The latest Hyperloop feasibility study aims to connect Cleveland and Chicago

The drive between Chicago and Cleveland can take about five hours. Taking the train is a little longer—six to seven hours, depending on how many stops the train makes. It’s easy to see why people would be interested in bringing a faster type of transportation to the corridor.

Enter Hyperloop, of course. The brainchild of Elon Musk, a Hyperloop is a system of transportation envisioned to carry cargo or passengers at speeds above 700 mph through low-pressure tubes. The train pods would hover above the track, using either magnetic levitation or air-bearings. Stretch a tube across the 344 miles between Chicago and Cleveland and simple math suggests you could cover the distance in half an hour, give or take.

At least, theoretically. No Hyperloop system has (publicly) broken a rail-speed barrier yet, and Hyperloop startups have generally focused on announcing new investments or miles-per-hour achievements rather than describing how safety would work in such a system if a pod were to break down and passengers needed to escape a vacuum-sealed tube.

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Driver kills nine, injures 16 plowing van onto Toronto sidewalk: police

TORONTO (Reuters) – A driver plowed his white Ryder rental van into a crowd, killing nine people and injuring 16 along a roughly mile-long stretch of busy Toronto sidewalk during lunch hour on a sunny Monday afternoon, police said.

Pompeo set to win Senate committee’s vote to be top U.S. diplomat

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Monday was expected to approve the nomination of President Donald Trump’s choice for secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, after a Republican senator who had been opposed threw his support behind the nominee.