Dollar slips on trade war fears, euro bounces after Italian exit polls

SYDNEY (Reuters) – The dollar stayed on a slippery slope on Monday amid fears of a global trade war, while the euro dipped briefly but rebounded quickly after results of exit polls for Italy’s elections pointed to a hung parliament.

We Subsidize Men’s Sports. Maybe It’s Time We Subsidize Women’s Sports

Studies show that there are substantial benefits to girls playing sports. Since we spend billions subsidizing men’s sports, maybe it is time to spend a few dollars subsidizing women’s sports.

Sean Landers At Petzel Gallery (67th Street), New York

If Bruce Nauman’sThe True Artist Helps the World by Revealing Mystic Truths is a truism, then Landers is a truth teller. Landers is the guy who says what other people think, but are afraid to say. . . about themselves.

Italy elections deliver hung parliament, gridlock: exit polls

ROME (Reuters) – Italy’s national election produced no outright winner on Sunday, according to exit polls that pointed to political gridlock for the euro zone’s third-largest economy and showed voters backing anti-establishment and far-right parties in record numbers.

Key U.S. lawmaker urges steel tariff exemptions for NAFTA allies

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – An influential U.S. lawmaker said on Sunday all fairly traded steel and aluminum, especially from Canada and Mexico, should be excluded from President Donald Trump’s proposed tariffs, as he sought to calm tensions at major trade talks in Mexico.