Engineer says he quit Google after order to stop pro-diversity posts

A former Google engineer named Cory Altheide says he left the company two years ago after managers pressured him to stop agitating for greater workplace diversity in internal company discussion forums. His memo explaining his departure was published by Gizmodo on Thursday evening.

Altheide is going public in the wake of controversy over the firing of another Google engineer, James Damore. Damore sued Google earlier this week, arguing that Google discriminates against white men. Ideologically speaking, Altheide is Damore’s opposite. Where Damore had argued that Google’s diversity policies went too far, Altheide argued that Google was doing too little to promote workplace diversity.

Altheide said that his efforts to raise this issue in internal Google discussion forums in 2015 earned him a reprimand from management. He was so frustrated by these interactions that he left the company months later. “I’ve been bullied by a senior vice president with ten thousand full time employees—arguably the most powerful SVP in the company,” Altheide wrote, referring to Google executive Urs Hölzle. “I don’t want to work with jerks.”

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