HQ Trivia Eliminates $20 Minimum to Cash Out Winnings

HQ Trivia on Friday announced that it has dropped its $20 minimum balance requirement for players to cash out their winnings via PayPal.

The change is welcomed since HQ’s standard prize amount, now up to $2,500, is often split by tens if not hundreds of players, in which cases each winner ends up with a small prize like $10 or $12 that was previously not cashable. Now, anyone can cash out a prize, even if only enough to buy a coffee or two.

For those unaware, HQ is a live trivia show that launched on iPhone in September, and on Android around New Year’s Day. During the show, players attempt to answer a series of 12 questions correctly to win a cash prize. To reduce cheating, players have less than 10 seconds to choose one of three answers.

The show is hosted every day at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time, and at 3:00 p.m. every weekday, most often by comedian Scott Rogowsky. Pro tip: you can swipe right on the chat to hide the obnoxious flow of comments.

HQ Trivia continues to surge in popularity, with many games now attracting more than one million players, compared to just hundreds back in September. Over 1.6 million players competed for a special $15,000 prize last Sunday, and some 15 minutes later, seven winners walked away with over $2,000 apiece.

If you haven’t played HQ yet, you can download the game from the App Store and sign up for free. For each new player that you refer to the game, you can receive an extra life, which lets you skip one question if you answer it incorrectly. My own referral code is iPod if you wish to help me get past question five.

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