Six Driving Forces of Change That Will Shape 2018 and Beyond

Businesses and their leaders will rise or fall based on their ability to anticipate and creatively respond to rapid change. Here are six important driving forces of change that will shape 2018 and beyond:

Segway Robotics’ Loomo wants to be your little buddy

 Everyone needs a robotic friend and the Loomo might be the best yet. Part pack mule, part Segway, part voice assistant, the Loomo packs a lot of goods into its self-balancing frame. The device is from Segway Robotics, which is backed by Intel and Xiaomi. Intel’s RealSense provides sensors to make it safe to use indoors and out and the Segway platform lets it self-balance and travel at up… Read More

Japan to get latest Aegis ballistic missile interceptors from US

The US Defense Department’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) announced on December 9 that the US government plans to allow the sale of four Raytheon Standard SM-3 Block IIA missiles and compatible Mk 29 launch canisters from BAE Systems to Japan. The estimated cost will be $133.3 million. The US State Department has approved the sale, and the DSCA has notified Congress of the pending sale.

The SM-3 Block IIA is the latest version of the US Navy’s air defense missile, used by ships equipped with the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense (Aegis BMD) system. The missiles can potentially be used to shoot down ballistic missiles in flight, even outside the Earth’s atmosphere. In theory, the new missiles would give Japan a better shot at shooting down a ballistic missile arcing over Japan.

The sale comes on the heels of the Japanese National Diet’s approval of a plan to build an Aegis Ashore missile defense system (the National Diet is Japan’s parliamentary-style bicameral legislature). That system would be based on the land-based missile defense facilities the US Navy has deployed in Romania and is preparing to activate in Poland. Japan’s only current land-based ballistic missile defense is the Patriot system, including Patriot Advanced Capability 3 missiles—and the PAC-3 is more of a point defense system, with much shorter range.

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Nvidia’s AutoSIM is the ‘Inception’ of self-driving car simulators

 Nvidia is unveiling plenty of new stuff at CES, and most of it centers around cars. One of its most interesting announcements is AutoSIM, the virtualized testing environment it uses to drive more hours in simulation than anyone ever could using real cars on real roads.
Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang described AutoSUN as a kind of “Inception” of virtual environments at a press Q&A… Read More