A celebration of black female photography

When a photographer and artist met, they immediately bonded over their shared passion for photography but felt some of their favourite women in the field lacked a proper platform.

Apple in good cheer over a billion-dollar Christmas and New Year’s on the App Store

 The week after Christmas is a lazy one, but the App Store was working overtime. Apple triumphantly announced today that the late holiday season brought in more than a billion dollars in purchases on its mobile marketplace. Read More

This bot unrolls Twitter threads and turns them into readable blog posts

 For as much as its users love to hate on their platform of choice, Twitter occasionally really comes through with a deep dive on a hot topic that provides actual, meaningful insight. Such an event is almost enough to remind us why we all fritter our lives away on there to begin with. Remember when we used to blog? Like, we issued thoughts in sentences and paragraphs instead of a series of… Read More

HBO will make Game of Thrones fans wait until 2019 for final season

Last month, HBO offered a sneak peek at series, specials, and films to expect from the cable network in 2018. But its new-year teaser reel had one obvious omission: any declaration about the future of Game of Thrones, other than a brief shot of a few series characters. It turns out that fans were right to raise their eyebrows at this reel.

HBO issued a Thursday announcement to confirm that Game of Thrones‘ eighth—and final—season will debut in “2019.” The network didn’t hint at either a month or release window. Instead, it confirmed that the season will contain six episodes and offered a list of writers and directors on board, including longtime TV series contributors David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. Otherwise, the announcement contained nothing in the way of plot or character hints, let alone a trailer. The show’s official Twitter feed simply told fans, “Send a raven.”

The result: GoT will have its first full year off the airwaves since its 2011 debut. HBO hasn’t yet announced firmer plans about an oft-rumored GoT prequel series—and, geez, there are five series possibly in the works—so it’s unclear whether fans will have to wait similar amounts of time for any other TV series to kick off. Meanwhile, George R.R. Martin remains coy about whether his long-awaited book follow-up, The Winds of Winter, could arrive before HBO’s final season starts.

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Jimmy Iovine Allegedly Planning to Leave Apple in August

Apple Music exec Jimmy Iovine, who works alongside Dr. Dre, Eddy Cue, Robert Kondrk, Trent Reznor and other prominent executives is planning to leave Apple in August, reports Billboard.

The rumor about Iovine’s alleged departure from Apple first surfaced on music rumor site Hits Daily Double, but Billboard says its sources have confirmed the news. According to Billboard, Iovine’s exit will be timed with the vesting of stock he acquired when first joining Apple.

Iovine joined the Apple Music team back in 2014, when Apple acquired Beats Electronics and the Beats Music streaming service, both of which were co-founded by Iovine and Dr. Dre. Iovine has had a long history with the company, though, first pitching a subscription music service to Steve Jobs in 2003.

Iovine does not have an official title at Apple, but he has been heavily involved in with Apple Music since its 2015 launch and has negotiated many of the streaming deals for the service.

Under Iovine’s leadership, Apple music has seen strong growth since its debut, with the service now boasting more than 30 million subscribers.

Should Iovine leave Apple, it’s not clear if he would be replaced, nor what his plans are after departing the company.

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Can municipal broadband save the open internet?

 No challenge around the future of the internet looms larger in the coming year than what to do in the aftermath of the repeal of net neutrality. Open internet proponents were stunned at last month’s vote, which struck at the heart of the belief that the internet should be free, fair, and open for all users. No such luck unfortunately. As TechCrunch’s Devin Coldeway discussed… Read More

Senator Gillibrand raises concerns about interim Manhattan U.S. attorney

(Reuters) – Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand said on Thursday she opposed the possible nomination of Manhattan’s interim top federal prosecutor, Geoffrey Berman, to permanently fill the post, citing concerns over his independence from President Donald Trump.