Video: See our full interview with Apollo EECOM controller Rod Loe

Video shot by Joshua Ballinger, edited and produced by Jing Niu and David Minick. Click here for transcript. (video link)

The EECOM console—that is, the mission control console responsible for the electrical, environmental, and (initially) communications of the Apollo command and service module—wound up being home to an outsized number of famous names. Perhaps most famous is John Aaron, the “super EECOM” responsible for, among other things, the “SCE to aux” call that likely saved Apollo 12 from a mission-terminating launch abort. But equally skilled among EECOMs is T. Rodney (“Rod”) Loe, who was kind enough to offer us an hour of his time to talk about his Apollo memories.

Loe would have been the EECOM sitting on the console during the Apollo 1 fire, if not for a simple coincidence: his wedding anniversary falls on January 27, the day of the fire, and on that day in 1967 Loe had swapped shifts with John Aaron so that he could celebrate with his wife Tina (she had arranged a celebratory poker game at their home for some friends).

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