New Galaxy S9 Leaks Reveal Radical Feature Cancelled

As the current trend for smartphone design looks towards a minimal bezel and all-screen approach, Android manufacturers are fighting for solutions on where to place the fingerprint reader. Samsung has been pushing hard for an innovative solution, but it looks like Galaxy S9 is going to miss out.

Donald Trump confidant Roger Stone Jr. suspended from Twitter

 Following a late-night, profanity-laced, Twitter tirade directed at CNN anchors, Roger Stone Jr., a longtime confidant and associate of President Donald Trump has been suspended indefinitely from the social media platform.
Stone (who looks like a caricature of a villain from a Charles Dickens novel) was likely set off by reports from CNN that the first charges had been approved in special… Read More

Bahrain foreign minister calls for freezing Qatar out of GCC

CAIRO (Reuters) – Bahrain will not attend the upcoming GCC summit if Qatar does not change its stand, and the right step to preserve the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is to freeze Qatar’s membership, Bahrain’s foreign minister said on Twitter on Sunday.

Proposed US Formula One Races Run Into Opposition

Opponents of proposed Formula One auto races in Miami and Silicon Valley have placed a full-page advertisement in a local newspaper and started a petition to put the brakes on the plans.

Toyota wants to get us truly crushing on cars

 Toyota is very invested in love. The automaker has a central philosophy of making vehicles that inspire ‘Aisha,’ a concept that literally means “beloved car” in Japanese. But the nature of ‘Aisha’ is changing, necessarily, just at the nature of automobiles themselves are fundamentally changing as we usher in automated and semi-autonomous driving. The key… Read More