Xiaomi’s stunning Mi Mix gets a sequel, the Mi Mix 2

Fresh off the launch of its first Android One phone, Xiaomi has a sequel to its high-profile Mi Mix. Meet the Mi Mix 2.

When the Mi Mix came out last year, it featured a stunning slim-bezel design that we called “the future of smartphones.” Xiaomi’s “concept” phone threw out a lot of the smartphone conventions—like the location of the earpiece and the front facing camera—and came up with a few other unique features like a ceramic back and a screen with curved corners. In 2017, we found out Xiaomi wasn’t the only company with the idea for a slim-bezel phone. Samsung and LG both quickly came out with phones that maximized screen space, and soon it looks like Apple will follow this trend, too. The Mi Mix was the vanguard for this movement, though, and it still has the most extreme design.

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