The TVR Griffith: It’s small, it’s fast, and it’s not coming to the US


The new TVR we were teased with earlier this week has now seen the light of day. TVR has returned to the Griffith name for this 500hp (373kW) rear-wheel drive V8 with a manual gearbox, a downforce-generating underbody, and as few driver aids as is possible to fit into a car and still meet European regulation approval.

We’ve already seen the chassis, a mix of steel tubes with composite panels (carbon fiber sandwiching an aluminum honeycomb) bonded on for stiffness. Now we know what the rest of the car looks like. That bright red body is also made from carbon fiber, which keeps the Griffith’s weight nice and low. At just 2,756lbs (1,250kg), TVR met its power-to-weight target, and the Griffith will be a very quick car to 60mph (under four seconds). It will also exceed 200mph.

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