The first man at trial over a “gig economy” job got dismantled on cross-examination [Updated]

Update (1:40p ET, 9/8): This post has been updated with information from Lawson’s re-direct testimony, as well as a transcript (PDF) with that testimony.

The sole plaintiff going to trial over his treatment in the “gig economy” has a serious problem. Under cross-examination yesterday, former GrubHub deliveryman Raef Lawson admitted that he lied on his applications to GrubHub, got paid for shifts he barely worked, and took steps to avoid doing some deliveries.

Lawson also acknowledged that, before applying to GrubHub, he consulted with his attorney, who has specialized in lawsuits against so-called “gig economy” companies, like Uber and Lyft. These companies typically provide workers with part-time work and flexible shifts but few other benefits. And Lawson was fired from another gig economy platform, Postmates, which directly accused him of fraud.

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