I’ve fallen in love with a laptop—the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga

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When writing a review, whether of a computer game, a film, a book, or a piece of hardware, there is always a certain amount of pressure to be “objective,” to write from some kind of non-personal, neutral viewpoint divorced from any kind of emotional response.

I’ve never subscribed to this view myself. Here at Ars, we don’t try to review every piece of hardware that hits the market; our selection of review products is implicitly skewed toward those that we think are likely to be good, or if not good, then in some sense significant due to their profile, their positioning within the market, or whatever other factors we deem to be relevant. As such, someone reading the laptop reviews at Ars will always see a somewhat skewed representation of the market without being exposed to its full breadth. The same goes for laptop reviews virtually anywhere. 

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