Comcast raises sports and TV fees again, says it’s about “transparency”

Comcast TV customers in Oregon will soon have to pay $14.50 each month for the controversial “Broadcast TV” and “Regional Sports Network” fees. Currently, the two fees combined cost customers $11 a month but will rise by $3.50 starting October 1, The Oregonian reported yesterday.

Comcast is also raising its modem rental fee from $10 to $11 a month, the article said.

These fees are in addition to Comcast’s advertised rates and are the subject of a proposed class-action lawsuit filed in October 2016. Comcast uses these fees “to secretly and repeatedly increase the monthly price it charges for its channel packages despite its promise to charge a flat rate for one or two years,” the lawsuit said. The lawsuit also claimed that “Comcast staff and agents explicitly lie by stating that the Broadcast TV Fee and the Regional Sports Fee are government-related fees or taxes over which Comcast has no control.”

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