Without Nathan Drake, Uncharted: Lost Legacy is still just Uncharted

Can Uncharted really be Uncharted without Nathan Drake? For nearly a decade now, the cinematic action-adventure series has been as tightly linked to its main character as the Indiana Jones movies are to, well, Indiana Jones. Spinning off Lost Legacy as a Nathan Drake-free Uncharted experiment—just a year after the last major franchise release and at a cut-rate price point—is a move that smacks of being a desperate effort to squeeze the last drops out of a series that has lost its main protagonist.

So it’s nice to say that, on the one hand, Lost Legacy shows that Uncharted is definitely still Uncharted without Nathan Drake. On the other hand, it also shows that Uncharted is still just Uncharted, Nathan Drake or no.

A not-so-dynamic duo

With Nathan out of the picture, Lost Legacy draws from some of the series’ secondary characters, focusing on the player-controlled Chloe Frazer and AI assistant Nadine Ross (plus the surprise appearance of another familiar face that I’ve been asked not to spoil). I hope you recognize these characters from their previous Uncharted adventures, because Lost Legacy seems to assume quite often that you know them and their history with the series. If you don’t, there are only mild allusions to explain how they got here and why you should care about their adventures.

The treasure-hunting Chloe and the more mercenary Nadine make for an odd pairing, which the game makes a valiant effort to explain through a lot of retrospective exposition about how they met up and why they’re working together. There’s something of a token effort to link the protagonists through a shared sense of loss—Chloe’s for her father, Nadine for her mercenary group—but it never feels very natural, and the unlikely team-up never quite gels.

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