Lenovo’s second Alexa-powered speaker connects to its Tab 4 devices

At this past CES, Lenovo announced its $130 Smart Assistant speaker with Amazon’s Alexa inside. While that device is still listed as “coming soon” on Lenovo’s website, the company isn’t putting any of its smart home ambitions on hold. Lenovo’s new Home Assistant Pack appears to be a pared-down version of the Smart Assistant—one that’s built to connect to any Tab 4 tablet.

The Home Assistant also has the Alexa voice assistant inside, but it’s not as powerful of a speaker as the Smart Assistant. It has a three-watt speaker and two built-in mics with far-field detection designed to pick up your voice from three meters away. The Smart Assistant instead has a five-watt tweet, a 10-watt subwoofer, and eight built-in mics with far-field detection.

Weighing 300 grams, the Home Assistant is basically an accessory version of the Smart Speaker that you can tote from room to room. By itself, it’s akin to Amazon’s Echo Dot—but paired with a Tab 4 tablet, it becomes similar to an Echo Show. Sliding one of Lenovo’s tablets into the Home Assistant’s dock will automatically bring up the “Home Assistant interface,” in which you can ask Alexa to play music, check your calendar, give you weather updates, and more. The tablet will show “display cards” for visual information in addition to the Home Assistant providing voice answers via Alexa.

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