China drone maker steps up security after U.S. Army ban

(Reuters) – Chinese drone maker SZ DJI Technology Co Ltd is tightening data security on its drones after the U.S. Army ordered its members to stop using DJI drones because of “cyber vulnerabilities,” a company official told Reuters on Monday.

Uber investor gave Kalanick a month before suing to force him off board

(Reuters) – Venture capital firm Benchmark Capital said on Monday it gave Uber and its ousted chief executive, Travis Kalanick, a month to review its recommendations before filing a lawsuit last week to force him off the board and rescind his ability to fill three board seats.

U.S. soldiers in Iraq were killed by artillery ‘mishap’: Pentagon

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A U.S. Army artillery “mishap” was responsible for the deaths of two U.S. service members in northern Iraq over the weekend, a Pentagon official said on Monday.

Discord shuts down alt-right server and accounts for ToS violations

 Popular voice chat platform Discord has shut down several servers and accounts associated with the alt-right for violations of the terms of service. The company announced the enforcement action on Twitter, emphasizing that it will “continue to take action against white supremacy, nazi ideology, and all forms of hate.” Read More

South Australia okays giant solar thermal plant from SolarReserve

On Monday the South Australian government awarded a key contract to a company called SolarReserve to build a 150MW solar thermal plant near Port Augusta. The California-based company uses giant mirrors, called heliostats, to direct sunlight to a thermal tower that heats molten salt, which can be stored in tanks for hours at very high temperatures. That molten salt can be pushed through a heat exchanger, where it will create steam to generate power, even when the Sun isn’t shining.

South Australia suffered a severe blackout last September during a storm, and its government has been under pressure to come up with solutions. The state already has a lot of renewable energy—especially wind—on its grid, so storage has been a primary focus. The government recently bought a 100MW/129MWh lithium battery installation from Tesla after the company promised it could install the batteries in 100 days or less.

SolarReserve has been behind several ambitious projects, including a 110MW/1,100MWh plant in Tonopah, Nevada, and a planned plant in Chile that will have enough molten-salt storage to provide greenhouse gas-free power 24 hours a day. The Tonopah plant was completed in 2015, but it was recently taken offline for eight months after a leak was discovered in a molten salt tank. Nevertheless, Nevada seems to be interested in building as many as 10 more arrays in Nevada’s Nye County.

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