Maybe it’s time to trade with North Korea

Let’s add a fourth option to the three most often heard when the subject is North Korea and the nuclear threat to the United States: Trade with North Korea. The first three options most commonly mentioned range from the bellicose to the benign, from war to containment of a new nuclear power.

What Happens When You Can Always Get What You Want: Sex-bots and Text Therapy

Purveyors of text therapy and sex-bots both promise the convenience of anytime, anywhere satisfaction. But is always getting what you want such a good idea?

NFL Owners Need To Explain Their Shunning Of Kaepernick

NFL owners have been deafening in their silence on why a player who threw 16 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions just last year is now not even one of the 96 best quarterbacks in the NFL. The ambiguity in rules and messaging hurts the brand now and whenever the next social messenger arises.

US PGA Championship: Justin Thomas’ ball clings on for dear life before dropping for birdie

Watch American Justin Thomas’ ball cling on for dear life before finally dropping for a birdie on the 10th hole at the US PGA Championship.

Usain Bolt says final goodbye to athletics at World Championships in London

Usain Bolt says his final farewell to athletics – and performs his signature celebration – on the final night of the World Athletics Championships in London.

Charlottesville: The Shame Of Ignorance

Ignorance of history enables the virus of racial animosity to propagate. History is not confined to textbooks; it is alive in the legacy of our ancestors and in the communities in which they lived. Forgetting history is forsaking our ancestry.