Watch SpaceX’s second attempt to launch Intelsat 35e live

 SpaceX has its second window for launching Intelsat 35e, a satellite bound for geostationary orbit, on Monday at 7:37 PM EDT (4:37 PM PDT). This is a backup window after the first attempt was scrubbed on Sunday, following a computer abort of the launch when the countdown stopped with just 10 seconds left. The Intelsat 35e launch won’t involve an attempt to recover the first stage of… Read More

Six months after acquisition, SoFi is shutting down Zenbanx

 Online lending company SoFi is closing down Zenbanx, the online banking provider it bought earlier this year. In an email sent to Zenbanx customers, the company announced that it will close all accounts at the end of next month. Read More

Facebook fights U.S. gag order that it says chills free speech

SAN FRANCISCO/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Facebook Inc is challenging a gag order from a U.S. court that is preventing the company from talking about three government search warrants that it said pose a threat to freedom of speech, according to court documents.

Venture firm co-founder Dave McClure resigns over ‘inappropriate’ behavior

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Prominent Silicon Valley investor Dave McClure said on Monday he had resigned from his position as a partner at the venture capital firm 500 Startups following allegations of sexual harassment.

Los Angeles man convicted in Hollywood studio executive’s death

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A convicted drug dealer was found guilty on Monday of voluntary manslaughter in the death of a Hollywood studio executive who was missing for more than two years before his remains were found buried in the California desert.

The Fourth Of July And The Sale Of Your Company

The conflicted interests of King George III’s advisors . . . and not King George III himself . . . are who precipitated the American Revolution, which cost the King the loss of a good portion of his empire. Your conflicted advisors will similarly cost you dearly when you sell your family’s company.