Trump’s Comprehensive Plan For Reorganizing The Executive Branch About To Get Underway

There may be underappreciated synergies between the various Trump executive orders on right-sizing the federal government.

Transport’s coming upheaval

 Technology is continuously reshaping our relationship with travel, and that change is accelerating to another inflection point. Advances in transportation technology reshape our lives and cities, and how and where we all settle. And American history guides us on what’s to come. Read More

Look Out For This Surprising Consequence Of Influencer Marketing That Could Hurt Your Brand

Are influencer or viral marketing campaigns always going to help you? Or could they have unintended consequences that might hurt your brand?

Italy votes in local elections that may boost the center-right

ROME (Reuters) – People in more than 100 Italian towns and cities voted on Sunday to pick municipal mayors in a run-off ballot that could bolster center-right parties ahead of a national election due in less than a year.

Mizuno Basking In ‘Free Use’ By Former Nike Golfers, Including U.S. Open Winner Brooks Koepka

Nike’s departure from the golf equipment business has created a dramatic shift in the landscape of player endorsements. Mizuno is taking advantage of the opportunity, enticing top players to give its clubs a try, including U.S. Open winner Brooks Koepka.