Techdirt’s Mike Masnick says lawsuit has already had a chilling effect on his site

mike masnick Techdirt is currently embroiled in a legal battle with Shiva Ayyadurai, a man who claims to have invented email. But regardless of the outcome, founder and CEO Mike Masnick said that the $15 million lawsuit has already had a big impact on his site — a 20-year-old, independent blog covering the intersection of law and technology. Masnick spoke today at the Public Democracy Forum in New… Read More

Ann Druyan Explains Why Carl Sagan Would Have Loved ‘The Martian’

Author and science communicator Ann Druyan talks about the books she wrote with Carl Sagan, her legacy on the Voyager mission, and what Sagan would have thought of ‘The Martian.’

Acast introduces programmatic ads to its podcast platform

 Acast says it’s time for podcasts to embrace programmatic advertising. With its publishing and monetization tools, Acast has already moved beyond the generally low-tech state of podcast advertising — think of many podcasts still play the same outdated ads when you download old episodes — but launching a marketplace for programmatic (i.e., automated algorithmic) ad-buying is… Read More

British politics in ferment as exit poll shows May failing to win majority

LONDON (Reuters) – Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party will fail to win a parliamentary majority in Britain’s election, according to an exit poll on Thursday, a shock result that would plunge domestic politics into turmoil and could delay Brexit talks.

Jamaica: Inside the Block Party of World’s Biggest Exporter of Black Models

Each year, honoring his models’ international achievements, this banker-turned-model agent shuts down Kingston’s Knutsford Boulevard – one of the city’s busiest roads – for the sake of an outdoor runway fest.