Gina Carano, Matt Hughes And 5 MMA Greats Bellator Could Put In Final Slot For NYC Pay-Per-View

Bellator MMA is back in the pay-per-view game. On Thursday, the Viacom-owned promotion officially announced Bellator NYC, its first show at Madison Square Garden. There’s one slot left to fill on its five-fight main card, but which big name should Bellator bring in?

Obamacare Is Safe For Now … Thanks To Its Opponents

The good news is that if you would like on health insurance through Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act is probably safer now. That’s because of the bad news: Congress is split between people on the far right and the even further right. Cartoon by Ted Rall.

Weekly Roundup: Apple acquires Workflow, Uber loses its president

 This week, Apple and Amazon both made big acquisitions, the U.S. Senate voted to repeal broadband privacy rules created by Obama’s FCC and Uber lost its president. These are the top tech headlines from this week, plus some good long-form weekend reads. You can also receive this post as a weekly newsletter in your inbox, if you’d like.  1. Apple acquired Workflow, a tool that… Read More

Hackers Are Threatening To Wipe Hundreds Of Millions Of iPhones: How To Protect Yourself

Hackers claim they have obtained iCloud and email addresses and passwords and will wipe people’s phones unless Apple pays a ransom by April 7. Here’s how to protect your data.

What to do about those ‘government-backed attack’ warnings from Google

 TOTALLY PANIC. Just kidding; please don’t do that. Google regularly issues warnings to people whose accounts are or have been targeted by state-sponsored attackers, and every time it does, users get really nervous that their emails are going to wind up on Wikileaks. Don’t freak out if you get one of these notices — it doesn’t necessarily mean that your account has… Read More