North Korea’s Kim Jong Un says engine test is ‘new birth’ of rocket industry

SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea conducted a test of a newly developed high-thrust engine at its Tongchang-ri rocket launch station and leader Kim Jong Un said the successful test was “a new birth” of its rocket industry, the country’s official media said on Sunday.

Rock’n’roll pioneer Chuck Berry dead at 90

(Reuters) – Chuck Berry, who duck-walked his way into the pantheon of rock’n’roll as one of its most influential guitarists and the creator of raucous anthems that defined its early sound and heartbeat, died on Saturday at his Missouri home. He was 90.

Rock And Roll Legend Chuck Berry Dies Aged 90, Tributes Pour In

Berry has died after a career spread over seven decades. His hits include “Roll Over Beethoven” and “Johnny B Goode.”

Mo Farah & Kadeena Cox win British Ethnic Diversity Sports Awards awards

Sir Mo Farah and Kadeena Cox win sportsman and sportswoman of the year at the 2017 British Ethnic Diversity Sports Awards.

Rock ‘n’ roll icon Chuck Berry dead at age 90 in Missouri

(Reuters) – Rock-‘n-roll pioneer Chuck Berry was found dead on Saturday at his home in Missouri, according to St. Charles County police in a statement posted on Facebook.

Stone Age Marketing–Why Does It Work? Storytelling Strategies From SXSW

It’s the oldest marketing play in the book, but how does advanced storytelling benefit entrepreneurial leaders today? Don Osmond, of OzComm Marketing, shares his insights from SXSW.