SAPVoice: Digital Transformation Is Hard But Microservices Are Easy

Driving microservices in the cloud, as a set of adaptable building blocks, will help businesses change the way they sell products. These building blocks have the ability to unleash a lot of potential and configure into unique, customizable environments.

MIT lab’s smart boots could keep astronauts on their feet

 If you’ve ever worn a spacesuit during a moonwalk or EVA, and I know a lot of you have, you were probably frustrated by how difficult it is to move around — both with the restrictions of the suit itself and the limitations on what you can see and feel. Researchers want to make things easier with boots that give the user haptic feedback warning them of obstacles they might not see. Read More

Why John Beilein Is The Truest Coach In College Basketball

Coach John Beilein did what all good leaders do: bring people together for common cause. And he did it because he and his assistants had found the right players, molded them in the expectation of excellence, and allowed them to use their talents to win as one team. One for all and all for one.

Zika risk went beyond Florida’s Miami-Dade County: U.S. officials

(Reuters) – Local transmission of the Zika virus in Florida may have occurred as early as June 15 of last year and likely infected people who lived not only in Miami-Dade County, but in two nearby counties, U.S. health officials said on Monday.

Senate confirms Trump’s pick to run Medicare, Medicaid

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Senate confirmed President Donald Trump’s pick to run the government health program for the elderly, poor and disabled on Monday, filling a critical role as Republicans fight to repeal and replace Obamacare.