Cash, random chance almost ruin Nintendo’s first smartphone Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem Heroes sees Nintendo entering new game-design territory. Sure, Nintendo has previously toyed with free-to-play games on both 3DS and iOS, and it has experimented with radically altering beloved series to fit on a phone in Super Mario Run (unlike Mario, Fire Emblem is launching simultaneously on both iOS and Android). This time around, though, Nintendo is diving head-first into the “gacha” mold, wrapping its turn-based strategy/RPG series around randomized, pay-per-pull hero collection.

The results are odd, but Nintendo may have an obnoxious hit on its hands. Fire Emblem‘s core gameplay is free to try here, and it’s still eminently satisfying on the phone—so long as you know what to expect regarding exactly when Nintendo will (and won’t) nag you to pay up, that is.

Turn-based tactics meet microtransactions

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