T-Mobile Just Responded to Verizon’s Unlimited Data Plan With Upgrades of Its Own

Just a day after Verizon announced its unlimited data plan, T-Mobile countered with a competitive upgrade to its own.

Starting Feb. 17, T-Mobile’s unlimited One plan will include HD video and 10GB of high-speed hotspot data for Wi-Fi tethering. Existing customers can activate the upgrade without any additional charges, according to a company press release. T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced the update in a series of tweets.

Legere additionally announced a promotion for multiple One lines: customers will be able to add two unlimited data lines for $100, down from the previous $120 bill. The new family plan also goes into effect on the 17th, and Legere vowed that all taxes and fees will be included on the advertised price.

CEO: Why I Force my Team to Travel

At Stash, we don’t have many strict rules, handbooks, policies or dress codes. The fact is, we haven’t needed them. (Only once has someone shown up at a team meeting wearing jorts. And it’s because I — I mean “that employee” — lost a bet.)

I’ve been told by counterparts in the business that as a company grows, so will the need for formal rules and clear policies. With that in mind, I decided to beat them to the punch and make a couple of official policies.


No Vacation Policy-Policy: This faux-policy is borrowed from Netflix’s Culture Guide: “No vacation-policy does not mean no vacation.” It just means nobody is tallying up how many days you take off because there is 12′ of fresh powder in the mountains. Or because you want to take a road trip with your kids before they’re too old to protest. Or because Venice is sinking and you’d better get there quick. We hire people who are relentless and empowered to get the job done, but trusted to make sure they take time off to unplug and return invigorated.

Nobody should feel like their job or their manager is running their life. Asking for time off feels like asking your 3rd grade teacher if you can use the bathroom. We trust that you’ll do what you need to do, when you need to do it. Whether that’s putting in a few extra hours one day to meet a deadline, or taking a vacation.

It makes us more interesting to work with. When we get together as a team we don’t just talk shop, and there’s very little small talk. You’re more likely to hear: “That reminds me of the time I was hitchhiking on the boarder of South Africa and Zimbabwe…” or “So there I was, handing a beer to a gigantic pig at this rainforest pub in St. Croix…”

Nearly-Mandatory Hotel Stay Policy: We created the Nearly-Mandatory Hotel Stay Policy to ensure that our whole team gets out to see and experience the unbelievable independent hotels in our network. Beyond official visits, each employee must stay in Stash Partner Hotels 2-3 times per year. The company covers the cost of the room as long as the employees report back on their experience. It’s nearly mandatory because we’re not going to penalize anyone if they don’t take us up on it. But why wouldn’t they?

We need to see our industry and our product through the eyes of our members. Traveling is 10x more powerful (and 200x more fun) than crunching survey data.
And everyone, regardless of their position, needs to meet our partners, shake their hands, and dole out some hugs or high-fives (as appropriate). By visiting our partners, we learn world-class hospitality that we take into our jobs and lives.
Above all, it reminds us why we love independent hotels, and why we fight tooth-and-nail to empower them to stay independent.

As Stash grows, we’ll continue to add fearless travelers to our team. People with passion for meaningful travel, the heart to defend it, and the brains to do something about it. And unless we see more jorts at company events, I don’t see the need for any more policies in our future.

Jeffrey Low is founder and CEO at Stash Hotel Rewards, the largest loyalty program for independent hotels in North America. Stash helps independent hotels fill more rooms, win more groups and meetings, and recognize their best guests. US News & World Report recently ranked Stash as one of the Top Hotel Loyalty Programs in the US. Stash has also been featured in numerous publications including The New York Times, Inc., and Condé Nast Traveler, and it was named an Innovation of the Year by Hotel News Now.

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From Farm to Estate in Cape Town’s Winelands: Babylonstoren and Leeu Estates

Two very different yet equally divine properties beckon with contrasting ways to experience Cape Town, South Africa’s Winelands.

German left-of-center majority edges ahead as Merkel prospects dim: poll

BERLIN (Reuters) – Three left-leaning German parties would now win enough combined support to oust Chancellor Angela Merkel in September’s election, according to an opinion poll by the INSA institute to be published in Bild newspaper on Tuesday.

How to not do presidential opsec: Crisis management over dinner in public

This weekend, as news of a ballistic missile launch by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) reached President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, President Trump got on his phone, and Abe consulted with staff. This didn’t happen behind closed doors, however; it took place as members of Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Club watched on in the resort’s dining room. One club member even posed for photos with Trump’s aide-de-camp—the Air Force major carrying the president’s “nuclear football”—and posted pics of the scrum around Trump’s table on Facebook.

Trump is comfortable conducting business over a meal. Last month, Trump approved a raid by US Navy SEALs in Yemen on an Al Qaeda compound not after a briefing in the White House situation room but rather over dinner with senior officials. These and other details of how the new president and his administration operate suggest that despite hitting Hillary Clinton hard for her security foibles, the Trump White House is not big on operational security (opsec).

President Trump may not be making phone calls on his old, vulnerable Android device, but he keeps it close at hand. He regularly posts to Twitter from his Samsung phone based on his Twitter metadata. And we know he’s using an unsecured Android device because the secure one he’s been issued wouldn’t even allow Twitter to be installed.

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