Trump’s economic view is far from neoliberal, but it rides a populist wave

The Republican candidate’s policies are still a work in progress, but they shy from free markets, open borders and liberalised trade

The timing could hardly be better. In six months time, the annual festival of globalisation takes place in Davos, the small town in Switzerland where the World Economic Forum holds its annual meeting. The helicopters and the limos will bring the bigwigs up from Zurich into the high Alps for four days, when they will talk about the need for inclusive growth and a capitalism that works for everybody. At the end of the week, the choppers and the limos will take them back down the mountain and nothing will change.

Next year might be different though. By chance, the Friday of Davos week in 2017 falls on 20 January, the day when the next US president will be sworn in. It could be Donald Trump.

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