Car sharing leads to reduced car ownership and emissions in cities, study finds

car2go_Toronto_2 Cars are one of the top contributors to greenhouse gas emissions globally, and cars in cities can be especially heavy with their contributions, owing to traffic and population density. And while encouraging everyone to bike or use public transit probably isn’t going to convince everyone to ditch car ownership, car sharing services seem to be winning more city denizens over, and a new… Read More

Harassment of Ghostbusters’ Leslie Jones shows Twitter needs to change

Cast member Leslie Jones poses at the premiere of the film "Ghostbusters" in Hollywood, California U.S., July 9, 2016. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni Leslie Jones, the star of the new “Ghostbusters” reboot and a cast member on “Saturday Night Live,” announced she was leaving Twitter after trolls bombarded her with racist comments.
“I leave Twitter tonight with tears and a very sad heart,” Jones tweeted before going silent on her account, where she’d spent the last several days battling trolls. Read More

Huawei’s Dual-Camera P9 Hints at What Apple Might Have in Store for iPhone 7 Plus

The upcoming iPhone 7 Plus is rumored to feature a dual-lens rear camera. While we’ve gotten some hints of what Apple might look to do with the technology given its acquisition of LinX Imaging last year, we’re still not entirely clear on Apple’s plans and so we can look to other vendors to get a taste of what we might expect.

The Huawei P9 is the latest flagship from the Chinese company, and on the rear of the device Huawei in partnership with Leica implemented two 12-megapixel cameras. These function by taking a photo from both cameras simultaneously and combining them in software. One camera captures a normal color image, while the second takes a monochrome image that allows for more focus on the lighting of a scene. The advantage, Huawei claims, is a better overall image with higher clarity and professional camera-like quality.

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In this video featured on the MacRumors YouTube channel, we go hands-on to test how Huawei’s dual-camera works, and to see whether this setup is worth the complexity and expense of implementing it. If you’d like to check out the full-resolution photos from the P9 compared to similar ones shot on an iPhone 6s, we’ve also shared galleries from both devices.

Huawei is not the first to use a dual-camera setup, and other vendors have used somewhat different combinations of cameras to achieve varying goals. The LG G5 uses two cameras to achieve different focal lengths, while the 2014 HTC One M8 used two cameras to allow for better depth perception.

We still have roughly two months before the expected announcement of the rumored iPhone 7, and we have yet to hear how Apple plans to use this system, but other rumored features include a slightly thinner build, faster Apple A10 processor, repositioned antenna bands, and the removal of the headphone jack.

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Facebook wants to use fluorescence to make its laser drones work better

fluorescence materials excited with UV light in lab A team of physicists and electrical engineers at Facebook published a new idea for using luminescence to improve signal detection in free-space optical communication today. Facebook, in a partnership with, has been developing drones to deliver basic internet access to remote locations around the globe. Last year, the company came out with a plan, codenamed Project Aquila, to… Read More

Facebook throws shade at Snapchat’s anti-creepy business

Where? “They’re going to hit some challenges and marketers are gonna start to ask questions when they get out of the experimental budget phase”, Facebook’s head of ad tech said about Snapchat today. While Facebook tries to collect as much data about users as possible to prove its ads work, Snapchat has tried to avoid being creepy despite that hindering its potential monetization. Read More

Intuitive Surgical second-quarter profit jumps

(Reuters) – Intuitive Surgical Inc on Tuesday reported higher second-quarter profit, driven by an increase in sales of its da Vinci surgical robots and in procedures using the pricey machines.

Microsoft adjusted revenue rises 2.1 percent

(Reuters) – Microsoft Corp reported a 2.1 percent rise in quarterly adjusted revenue as growth in its cloud business helped to offset weakness in the personal computer market.

Reco thinks books are better when they’re recommended by people you trust

reco-main I still love books, and I still have a fair amount of trouble finding new ones to read that I’ll actually enjoy. Helping with discovery is the idea behind Reco, a new mobile app from Canadian bookseller and retailer Indigo, which provides users with a social network based around books, and people’s love thereof. “We have a kind of obsessive focus on who our customers are,… Read More